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U.S. CounterInsurgency: Get Out of India!

Posted by n3wday on July 1, 2009

Maoist_training_IndiaThis article was published in the Maoist Information Bulletin #8 of the CPI (Maoist) and has been made available on Banned Thought.

American delegation visits Chattisgarh to advise on countering Maoist movement

The visit to Chattisgarh by a delegation sent by the American imperialists in the first week of May 2009 shows the hideous plans of the imperialists and their compradors in India guided by their twin aim of suppressing the revolutionary movement and looting the natural wealth of our country.

It has become clear to the imperialists that the Maoists in India are growing rapidly and are emerging as an alternative to the rotten parliamentary mainstream and that a growing proportion of the population is gradually drawing towards the revolution.

The imperialists and reactionaries know that the worldwide economic crisis with its serious fall-out in countries like India serves as a fertile basis for the resurgence of the revolutionary movements and strengthening of Maoist parties as well as birth of new Maoist parties. Hence they are hatching plans to nip these in the bud. The visit by the three-member delegation from the US to Chattisgarh should be seen in this light.

The delegation led by Counsul-General situated in Mumbai Consulate office, Paul Fomes B, and Michelle Nubil and accompanied by their advisor, Arundhati Mundle, visited Chattisgarh on May 5 to discuss two things: one, on the ways and means to deal with the Maoist movement; and two, the potential for imperialist investments in the region. Besides the Chief Minister, the delegation also met several ministers and bureaucrats as well as the opposition Congress leaders.

The state of Chattisgarh is known for its rich mineral wealth and the Tatas, Mittals, Ruias, and others are eyeing its wealth since long. US imperialism, caught up in the most severe crisis in its history, is trying to shift the burden of the crisis onto the backs of the people of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The visit to Chattisgarh is part of this plan.

Since it is the Maoists who pose the real threat to the imperialist – comprador exploitation of the region, naturally suppression of Maoist movement becomes the top item in their Agenda. It is reported that the delegation had separate discussions with both the BJP and Congress leaders on the question of Naxalism, and the means of suppressing it.

The American imperialists are itching to interfere in the affairs of India and render all aid and advise to the rulers for suppressing the Maoists. What transpired in the secret parleys between the two sides is anybody’s guess. Maoism has become a spectre haunting the imperialists particularly the US imperialists as they confront the worst-ever global economic crisis that is threatening to transform into a worldwide social-political explosion with the potential to develop into a revolutionary upsurge.

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