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Nepal: No other option than third people’s uprising

Posted by n3wday on July 30, 2009

prachanda_UCPN_Nepal_MaoistAfter the 2008 constituent assembly elections the United Communist Party of Nepal (formerly the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist) became the largest elected body in Nepal’s transitional government. In May of 2009, the UCPN decided to sack the Chief of Army Staff General Katawal due to his refusal to follow orders on multiple occasions. Hours after the decision he was reinstated by the ceremonial President, causing the UCPN to withdraw completely from the government. Over the past two months the UCPN has been engaged in intense debate over what their next steps are to be, and whether to include a “people’s revolt” in those next steps. This appears to be the first time Pushpa Dahal (Prachanda), the party chairman, has stepped out publicly in favor of this option (assuming this report has fairly characterized his position).

This article was published on Telegraph Nepal. Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing it out.

Nepal Maoists determined for waging final Peoples’ Revolt


The Unified Nepal Communist Party-Maoist is preparing to lead a new peoples’ revolt.

The Maoists party has also decided to warm up the Streets and the Constituent Assembly body together in order to guarantee Peoples’ Supremacy and forcing the President to retract from his unconstitutional move that he took on May 3, 2009.

The Maoists party has also concluded that to achieve the set objectives, unity among the Nationalists, Republicans, Forward-looking and Communists was urgent and significant.

Responding to queries posed by party central committee members, Wednesday July 29, 2009, a pretty annoyed looking party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal also said that there was no option left with the Maoists than taking on to the path to what he called “Third People’s Uprising”.

“The Nationalists, Republicans, Forward-looking and Communists must unite to launch the third Uprising, our party will lead the entire movement”, said Dahal.

“With the Peoples’ Uprising approaching the climax, it will in all likelihood open the gates for the Final Peoples’ Revolt,” one of the Maoists’ Central Committee members quoted the party chairman as saying.

The Maoists Central Committee meeting stretched to some four hours without any intervals, Wednesday.

“We prefer to become martyrs rather than fleeing from the ongoing peace process”, Dahal continued adding, “We will continue to struggle against all the Himalayan difficulties that lay ahead of us.”

“They have imported weapons to press us hard, we will stay right here in Kathmandu and fight”, he added.

If the Maoists determination is real then analysts presume that the country is soon to embrace a sort of fierce situation.

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One Response to “Nepal: No other option than third people’s uprising”

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai said

    Dear friends – Maoists !
    From the very beginning, I was waiting the Maoist’s good leadership for sovereign Nepal. But, since three years I am offending about Maoists confused activities. At present, I think, Maoists are getting fizzele out. Now, they are working the meaningless slogan-‘Communist Party-Maoist is preparing to lead a new peoples’ revolt’ What is that ?
    Why you are not going to learn-‘Cut your coat according to your cloth’? You are nepali and why you are going to destroy the Nepalese prestige ?

    The Maoists’ political success will be measured on how it can move according to the national and international contexts. For this, we request the Maoists to be committed to the following points.
    1. It would be relevant if the Maoists move ahead by expressing commitment to the guideline of late Chinese leader and namesake of the CPN-Maoist on a sovereign Nepal and the integrity of one-China principle. Although Nepal and India are near geographically and culturally Nepal has been facing threat since the Mugal times. But Nepal has not faced any kind of threat from China since communism was established there. China’s leader Mao Ze Dong used to say even when communism was at its height in China that ‘China was in favour of monarchy in Nepal as its sovereignty is safe only because of monarchy’. Mao used to have total faith on Nepal’s monarchy as he understood it very well that Nepalese communists even if they wear the façade of a revolutionary always run under the Indian design. China had understood it clearly that Nepal’s sovereignty is linked with monarchy. Therefore, there is no option for the Maoists too to accept this reality. The Maoist should be able to understand the game plan of India and America to destroy China by using Nepal and for that they first want to weaken Nepal. In such a situation even if the king wants to abdicate all Nepalese should request Him to ascend the throne. The attempt to establish a republican state in Nepal is a Herculean task.
    2. If Nepal’s sovereignty is to be protected against the policy of America and India, especially against the conspiracy of RAW, the Maoist must commit itself to a balanced relation between India and China through (1) to manage and control the open border between Nepal and India by fencing and/or construction of wall along the border with consent of both the countries and maintain the 7-10 border points; (II) revoke the citizenship taken by few Tibetan and many Indian nationals since 2007&2008; (III) introduction of work permit for foreigner workers in Nepal and; (IV) to ease the movement of people, transportation and export-import with China.
    3. The natural and cultural assets are the wealth of the country. Therefore, the Maoists should prepare plans to mobilize Nepalese manpower in the utilization of natural resources – land, water resources and forest; and to maintain the country’s cultural vibrancy it should declare religious freedom and announce the continuation of Hindu and Buddhist kingdom by which Nepal is known around the world. If the Maoists make these commitments, no force can destroy the Maoists. Although Mao had maintained secularism in China he had prevented the encroachment of foreign religion in China. It might be mentioned here that secularism in Nepal is the interest of the foreigners to destroy the whole identity of Nepal.
    4. The Maoists must prepare a list of those of Nepali Congress, UML, RPP and Sadhvawana parties who were in power after 1991 and those who were in the ministries from Secretary, director generals of the departments and directorates, project managers, chief of public corporations, contractors whose number range from 5,000 to 20,000 and evaluate all their previous and present assets and properties, bank balances both in the country and outside, shares, investments and take action under a strict criteria. For this, appropriate laws should be formulated and the institution should be constituted to curb corruptions. All their properties should be nationalized and they be punished if they fail to furnish relevant proof of their assets and properties and incomes.
    5. The financial system is the crux of any country’s stability and steadiness. So, to control the economy that depends on smuggling the Maoists should (i) formulate policy of compulsory monitoring of the country’s industries, economic and commerce sector, pledge for a privatization policy that does not go against the country’s interest (ii) embank the rivers and reclaim the fallow land on the banks of hundreds of rivers and the land reclaimed be distributed among the landless; farming of fruits, medicinal plans and cash crops like tea on the fallow and waste lands; implement plans with people’s participation for the protection of forest areas and water resources. If these commitments can be materialized the prosperity and stability of the country can be assured for years to come.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

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