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New Pamphlet: Revolution in India – Lalgarh’s Hopeful Spark

Posted by Mike E on August 5, 2009

revolution_in_india_lalgarhRevolution in India – Lalgarh’s Hopeful Spark

Now available in printable pdf format.

by Sam Shell

At this moment an incredible event is taking place in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal. Before the eruption, this sleepy area was little known except to its own inhabitants. Now, a people’s movement of unprecedented size to West Bengal has risen from the suffering of its adivasi (tribal) inhabitants, galvanizing the region, and shocking greater India. This movement has been popularly termed “the Lalgarh uprising.”

Although one could accurately say the point of eruption of this rebellion occurred early in November of 2008, it is necessary to step back further in order to appreciate the context within which these events have unfolded. Lalgarh is an incredibly impoverished area of West Bengal. It contains one well-developed road—built to accommodate police—that is of little use to its indigenous inhabitants to whom even a motorbike is a rarity. Neither clean water nor electricity is available. Police brutality was a regular occurrence where villagers were detained and tortured for little or no reason—some singled out for repeated horrific abuse. (Dec. 2008) For many years the State promised development in the area, yet little to none was seen.

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Nepal Plans: Escalating Mass Struggle to Confront Army

Posted by n3wday on August 5, 2009


This article was published on

UCPN (M) struggle programmes publicised

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Aug 3 – The Unified CPN (Maoist) on Monday made public a month-long protest against, for what they called, establishing civilian supremacy in the country.

Maoist Standing Committee meeting held Monday morning also decided to launch a ‘nationwide awareness campaign’ in order to press the government to implement the agreements reached with the political parties apropos to the civilian supremacy.

The party has warned to protest from August 7 if a specific agreement concerning the Army Chief row and civilian supremacy is not forged within three days.

Protests include rallies, sit-in, assembly, boycotting public event of the President and the Prime Minister and others.

The programme has also been made not to allow the President and the Prime Minister to participate in the public events, Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma informed.
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Nepal Maoists: Strengthening Revolutionary Ties Around World

Posted by n3wday on August 5, 2009

worldpuzzleThis article was published on the Times of India. Thanks to Ka Frank.

The Maoists’ central committee meeting has decided to renew its fraternal relations with international organizations having similar ideologies such as RIM (Revolutionary International Movement) and COMPOSA (Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia) and other international communist bodies.’

Prachanda slams India, Lanka for anti-terror operations

PTI 3 August 2009, 06:22pm IST

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Maoists chairman Prachanda has criticized India and Sri Lanka for allegedly “suppressing” the extremist outfits in the two countries and said his party would renew its ties with the international fraternal groups.

“The military action of Sri Lankan government against the armed group LTTE and Indian government’s armed action against Indian Maoists in Lalgarh are deplorable acts,” he said while addressing media persons here yesterday.

The Maoists’ have also decided to strengthen their ties with all the Marxists, Leninist and Maoist parties of the world.

“It is our policy to support any movement launched by the Maoists anywhere in the world and we oppose suppression of such struggle by the government,” Maoist central secretariat member Narayankaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’ said.
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