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India: Maoists gaining enough strength to hold territory from state forces

Posted by n3wday on August 10, 2009

CPI_maoist_marching_india_plgaThis article was published in The Hindu. Thanks to Ka Frank for sending this to us.

Growing naxal menace causing concern to police

Staff Reporter

‘Harichandanpur has become the hotbed of Maoist activities’

BHUBANESWAR: The Orissa police on Monday admitted that the cadre of CPI (Maoists) were strengthening their base and were capable of attacking security forces on a large scale in some isolated pockets of the State.

Addressing top-rung police officials at Biju Patnaik State Police Academy here on Friday, Director (Intelligence) of State police Prakash Mishra said naxalites were ready for positional warfare and capable of attacking security personnel at Malkangiri and Narayanpatna area. “They can hold security forces for a longer period.”

Different districts of the State had been controlled by at least 10 divisions of CPI (Maoists) under various names, said Mr. Mishra.

Under Kalinga Nagar Division, naxal cadre moved in difficult forest terrains and Harichandanpur now became the hotbed of their activities, the Director of Intelligence said. They were trying to form regular small armed squads that would move in wider geographical area, he said.

The division, which is bothering the State police, is Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa Border Committee, which is an extension of Serenda Division in Jharkhand. “Left wing extremists are mainly involved in extraction of money and eyeing at explosives as it is an intensely mined area. Moreover, since it is a hilly terrain, operation against these elements is very difficult,” Mr. Mishra admitted.

While in many districts naxalites geared up for early guerilla warfare, there were a few districts where they were into advanced stage of guerilla warfare, the senior police officer said.

Guerilla squads

Formation of special guerilla squads and even platoons and formation of special zone and base areas were on the cards in districts coming under advanced stage of guerilla warfare, he said. These leftwing extremist groups were also trying to run parallel governments in some localities and they had been doing it in some villages of the State, Mr. Mishra revealed.

“Angul, Boudh, Kalahandi and Nuapara are some of the districts which fall into perspective stage. They are now visiting and meeting downtrodden people in these areas. Naxalites are picking up small struggles and extending their support. Moreover, they are trying to rope in teachers, students and intellectuals,” he said.

Elaborating on operational difficulties in taking on naxalites, Director (operation) of State police Sanjib Marik said Kalinga Nagar division and Ghusur Division covered contiguous districts. Owing to different jurisdictions these Maoist cadre could easily flee the spot, he said. Mr. Marik mooted the idea of appointing special officer who could control bordering police stations so that left wing extremists could be chased without losing time.

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