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Nepal: A Third People’s Uprising Ahead?

Posted by n3wday on August 13, 2009

This article was published on Nepal News.

Maoists: govt will face ‘serious consequences’ for refusing to address ‘civilian supremacy’ issue

Unified CPN (Maoist) Vice-Chairman Narayan Kazi Shrestha has said that the government should now be prepared to face the ‘grave consequences’ of the month-long nationwide agitation Maoists are waging to restore ‘civilian supremacy’ and national sovereignty.

Speaking at a press meet organized by Tamuwan State Council in Pokhara Monday, Shrestha, who is also the deputy parliamentary party leader of the UCPN (Maoist), said that the Maoists have also started the protest movement to exert pressure (on the government) for integration of former Maoist combatants into Nepal Army, timely drafting of constitution and taking the ongoing peace process to its desired conclusion.

He also hinted that the Maoist agitation might be the beginning of the ‘third People’s movement ‘, if the aforementioned demands are not met.

The second people’s movement waged by various political parties including ruling CPN-UML, Nepali Congress and Maoists had toppled the royal regime in 2006.

He blasted at the ‘reactionary forces’, the usual Maoist punch bag, “for trying to impose traditional parliamentary system in the country against the people’s wishes, wanting foreign intervention to continue, not wanting to see integration of Maoist combatants into NA and favouring military supremacy over civilian supremacy”.

“While continuing our agitation against all this, we would also keep the doors for consensus and cooperation open,” he said.

Shrestha said Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s statement that the government will suppress the Maoist agitation if it threatens to turn into a ‘people’s revolt’ is very careless and will only push the country towards more confrontation.

He again reiterated that the Maoists will under no circumstances join the ‘puppet government’ led by UML.

The Maoist party had announced stir from Friday with the expiry of the four-day ultimatum to the government to address the contentious issues of ‘civilian supremacy’, including what it called ‘unconstitutional move’ of the President  vis-à-vis the Army chief row.

The main opposition party had staged demonstrations in different parts of the country Sunday as part of its month-long protest movement.

In Kathmandu, Maoist leaders and cadres took out demonstration rallies. Similar demonstrations were organised outside the capital. There were no reports of violence or arrests during the largely peaceful Maoist demonstrations.

3 Responses to “Nepal: A Third People’s Uprising Ahead?”

  1. Dear Maoist friends !
    Good Day
    I appreciate your struggle. But, I am understanging that the Maoists people’s oriented activities are getting fizzle-out.
    What is the meaning of civilian supremacy’? Is it the issue R.M Katuwal- Army-Chief ?
    And why you are supporting the Indiam Maoist Ant the Tamils of Shrilanka ? There are many diferences between the Nepali Maoists and Indian Maoists. I know-Nepalese Maoists are not fighting only for poor but also for the strong and prosperous-sovereign Nepal.But, it is a matter of grief, some Maoist are the agents of RAW. Why and whom for ?
    We must learn from the lessons of Sri Lanka. Then, why Maoists are supporting Indian agenda ?
    RAW has been fomenting violent activities in Nepal. The Indian government is creating difficulty for Nepal to assert her sovereignty.In such condition, why Maoists are following the suicidal agenda- the Fedaralism ? The federalism with ethnic groups will be the cause of division. Why Maoists are supporting such Nepalesee thnic division ?
    The ethnic division of Nepal will create only ethnic leaders, not national leaders. So I request Maoists to think creatively and to follow some points again –

    If Nepal’s sovereignty is to be protected against the policy of America and India, especially against the conspiracy of RAW, the Maoist must manage and control the open border between Nepal and India by fencing and/or construction of wall along the border with consent of both the countries and maintain the 7-10 border points; revoke the citizenship taken by few Tibetan and many Indian nationals since 2007 & 2008; introduction of work permit for foreigner workers in Nepal and;
    To maintain the country’s cultural vibrancy it should declare religious freedom and announce the continuation of Hindu and Buddhist kingdom by which Nepal is known around the world. If the Maoists make these commitments, no force can destroy the Maoists. It might be mentioned here that secularism in Nepal is the interest of the foreigners to destroy the whole identity of Nepal. And, the mejor point is that without monarchy Nepal including sovereign politicians can’t save. So, I request, Maoists should be able to understand the game plan of India and America to destroy China by using Nepal and for that they first want to weaken Nepal abolishing the Nepalese monarchy. In such a situation, we nationalists including Maoists should request the King to reinstate the throne with Crown. The attempt to establish a republican state in Nepal is a Herculean task.
    The most important task of Maoists is that there must prepare a list of those of Nepali Congress, UML, RPP and Sadhvawana parties who were in power after 1991 and those who were in the ministries from Secretary, director generals of the departments and directorates, project managers, chief of public corporations, contractors whose number range from 5,000 to 20,000 and evaluate all their previous and present assets and properties, bank balances both in the country and outside, shares, investments and take action under a strict criteria. For this, you must propose in your slogan to appropriate laws should be formulated and the institution should be constituted to curb corruptions. All their properties should be nationalized and they be punished if they fail to furnish relevant proof of their assets and properties and incomes.
    If Maoists support my views every Nepalese people support.
    That is all.
    Reply me.
    All the best
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  2. Dear Maoists friends,
    Please, read my more than 5 comments once, and then,reply me.
    Thank you.
    D.R. Prasai

  3. popocho said

    hola, evidentemente las desiciones de el pc nepal mlm cayo en la misma concepcion de el pc ml es una lastima y un duro golpe internacionalmente a la concepcion de lucha sin conciliacion ,r4evisinismo ,empirismo ,ni oportunismo y un aliento para el imperialismo para seguir pregonando su supremacia perpetua .
    epero que las bases puedan superar a los elementos de retraso para la emancipacion bajo una correcta concepcion
    viva la justa lucha del pueblo nepali ,indio ydel resto del mundo!

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