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TV report on Maoist “Extremism” in India

Posted by Mike E on August 18, 2009

FromAl-jazeera.. a reactionary, pro-government, anti-Maoist report. But interesting nonetheless. It includes a call for the Indian state to reassert power in the growing liberated zones within India.

4 Responses to “TV report on Maoist “Extremism” in India”

  1. red road said

    Dr. Rada de Suza actually did well reframing every issue, against the other guests who were asserting, unsuccessfully, a “reactionary, pro-government, anti-Maoist” stance (which Mike, in his intro, calls the entire piece, apparently not recognizing de Suza’s successful point-by-point rebuttals throughout the entire piece).

  2. Mike E said


    My point was overall directed at the viewpoint expressed by Al Jazeera itself (which was pretty crudely hostile to extremism in its “set up” segment.)

    We also have to understand the content of the common view (in the indian media) which says “It is terrible of course, but we all have to understand what it is arising from.” This is a point of view that one hears from the parliamentary reformist left and from serious counterinsurgency forces alike.

    Mao’s sharp essay evaluating different responses to an early peasant uprising in China is relevant.

  3. CPSA said

    Dhume wasn’t all bad either, though more on the lamentability, so to speak, of certain issues that may the militant Left uses to recruit supporters. I actually thought the program was pretty good, as Al Jazeera’s talking heads programs usually are, at least compared to other establishment western news channels. Their recent miniseries on the history of the PLO spoke at length with many members of the DFLP and PFLP, among other at least nominally Marxist parties and their June special program on the 30th anniversary of the Nicaraguan revolution I also thought was fairly balanced. I could extend this to reports they’ve done on the CPP (recently) and Sendero in the last couple years as well. For what it’s worth, I find AJE the best for coverage of these issues at least for video programs. But maybe all that still isn’t saying much in the greater scheme of things.

  4. M Rao said

    I havent seen a more biased and ill informed “academic” than Dr. Rada de Suza. She was way off in her biased assessments – it seemed she wanted to force her narrow view on this problem. Terming naxalism as a consequence of “police brutality” and “economic liberalization” only goes to show her complete state of delusion.

    Ms. de Suza – communism, maoism (whatever other name you call it) has been in FAILURE in EVERY part of the world in the last 100 years .. even the champions of these systems namely Russia (formerly USSR) and China have had to disown it in order to make the lives of their citizens better. In fact as you were corrected by one of the panelists – the states where poverty, naxalism, deprivation is most in India are the very states that have seen the LEAST amount of economic revitalization/industralization. When Ms de Suza started talking about farmer suicides during a conversation on naxalism I immediately realized she was out of her league, delusional or patently misleading. As you were corrected by one of the panelists the states where farmer suicides have been most are very different from the states where naxalism is the most prevalent.

    It would be better if individuals like Ms. de Suza can stop living in foreign lands in a state of pathetic delusion and actually spend considerable time in India so that they get to wake up and smell the coffee before attemting to profess their poisoned opinions. If not then please keep your biased mindset to yourself.

    Economic revitalization through industralization and liberalisation is the only way a country like India can improve the lives of hundreds of millions of its people and pull them out of the grasp of poverty as shown by numerous south east asian and other economies around the world (including your “maoist” China)

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