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UCPN threatens to form parallel government if demands are not met

Posted by n3wday on August 24, 2009

Nepal_UCPN_Maoist_Flag_demonstrationThis article was published in Telegraph Nepal. The original title of this article is obviously speculative and should be viewed with care. Thanks to Comrade Alastair for posting this on RevLeft.

Maoists’ may form parallel government in Kathmandu

The Unified Maoists’ Party Led ‘United Revolutionary Front’ (URF) has vowed to further intensify its sadan and sadak (Street and parliament) centric protests aimed at restoring civilian supremacy and also form a parallel government.
Currently, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, the Maoists’ Party vice president is heading the 175 member Revolutionary Front.

The Maoists party on Wednesday, August 19, 2009, formed a Sub-committee ‘Samyukta Rastriya Janaandolan Nepal’ to carry out its objectives.

Addressing the first convention of the said committee, said the Unified Maoist Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal that the Front has set the objectives among others as restoring Civilian Supremacy, pressurize the president to reverse his earlier unconstitutional moves and holding discussions at the CA over the Resolution proposal submitted by the Maoists. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal: Cadre on alert for revolt

Posted by n3wday on August 24, 2009

UCPN_ycl_training_Nepal_Maoism_MaoistThis article was published in Telegraph Nepal.

Nepal Maoist CA member claims PLA on High Alert, revolt imminent


“Revolt is not for pleasure however, the situation is such that we are forced to take on to the path for yet another revolt”.

Kula Prasad K.C. alias Sonam, the Unified Maoists Central Committee member and the YCL Central in charge, made this grand disclosure while addressing a program in Tamghas of Gulmi district and stated that the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army was kept on high alert.

Mr. K.C. was inaugurating the YCL Gulmi First District Convention wherein he made this tantalizing disclosure.

He also told the Maoists’ cadres that the Party was preparing for revolt and that the new revolt will ensure rights of the people that is long overdue.

“The YCL should play a decisive role in the next revolt”, he added further. Read the rest of this entry »

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