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Interview with Kiran on recent events

Posted by n3wday on August 25, 2009

kiran_mohan_vaidya_UCPN_Maoist_NepalThis interview was published in Telegraph Nepal.

Opinion: Mohan Vaidya Kiran, Unified Maoist Nepal

Mohan Vaidya Pokhrel-Kiran
Senior Maoist Ideologue, Nepal

What are the conclusions of the freshly concluded Central Committee meeting? Could you throw some light on that?

Comrade Kiran: We are now a part of the ongoing peace process. Our prime objectives are the conclusion of the peace process with a positive note, to successfully accomplish the task of PLA-Nepal Army merger and drafting of the constitution on time.
In the process of accomplishing the tasks mentioned above, freshly our central committee meeting has decided to expose the moves of the reactionaries who are conspiring to derail the peace process and hinder the constitution drafting process. We will strongly come forward in our struggle to achieve the objectives above and in the process foil the conspiracies of the reactionaries.Similarly, our Central Committee has passed the resolution to find remedies of our internal fallacies, to strengthen our grass root foundation and establish the Maoist party of Nepal as one of the strongest communist party in the country.

In order to accomplish the tasks above we are holding our Party General Assembly after six months (Magh-2066-January-February 2009).
Also, we amply discussed our working style and our day to day activities. We have passed 15 Points Code of Conduct to rectify our internal weaknesses and fallacies. Issues such as fiscal transparency in the party, corruption and involvement in illegal trade…such issues were also discussed at the CC meeting.

And, we have decided to take on the task to declare Ethnic or Regional Federal States, establish local state organs, and to achieve these targets we will bring in nationalists, republicans and forward-looking sections within the party, in the main leadership. We have also decided to wage another round of struggle for the complete freedom of the country.

What say you of the fresh remark of the party Chairman Dahal made in the context of growing differences in between the US, India and China and the threat of war in Asia and the ever increasing foreign interference in Nepal?

Comrade Kiran: Look, Comrade Dahal made those remarks while analyzing the present political situation of the country and the possibility of conspiracies being hatched by the foreign power centers in Nepal.
What he meant to say was the countrymen need to remain on high alert against the foreign conspiracies. The media had unnecessarily distorted his more or less straight remarks.

Comrade Dahal has already refuted the media report though a press statement.

How badly will the prolonged transitional period impact the peace process?

Comrade Kiran: In fact, the prolongation of the transitional period has already threatened independence of the country. There have cropped up problems in the Republication order itself. In this context our Central Committee has been successful to take decisions in favor of institutionalizing the republican order and unite the entire party foundations. Unity can only solve the impending crisis.

At a time when your party is favoring Ethnic and Regional Federal Model, the Nepali Congress President Girija Koirala has stood against the proposition? And in the mean time former King Gyanendra through national and international media has expressed resentment against the current disorder? What say you?

Comrade Kiran: Such comments are not uncommon as they are being made from the fascist and dictatorial quarters. Peoples’ revolt is not complete until complete national, ethnic, gender and regional freedom is achieved. such comments areagainst the current Lokatantrik order.

2 Responses to “Interview with Kiran on recent events”

  1. Most of our politicians are pro Indian even they bark what ever in pubic. non of them are independent and could take any decision without consulting India. most important part is maoist leaders are not in favor of country to be in peace and stable. we need progress comrades not the speech we need speed. so stop bagging and start doing something that could change our living conditions, our progressive nation, we could be proud of. Let’s think from the impossible to make it possible.

  2. You can find this interview in Turkish on this link:

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