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Philippines: CPP commends LSG Gadian’s exposé of US military intervention

Posted by n3wday on September 2, 2009

philippines_US_terrorist_war_CPP_maoismThis article was published on Philippine Revolution.Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing this out.

CPP commends LSG Gadian’s exposé of US military intervention

August 27, 2009

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today commended former Navy Lt. Senior Grade (LSG) Nancy Gadian for exposing and standing up against US military intervention. It also echoed the Filipino people’s demand to end permanent stationing of US troops in the Philippines and their increasing involvement in combat and counterrevolutionary operations in the country.

At the same time, the CPP “urged military and police officers to emulate the patriotic example set by LSG Gadian, expose all they know about US military intervention in the country and join the Filipino people’s clamor to put an end to US military interventionism.”

In a press forum yesterday, Gadian said she personally saw secret US military structures within Philippine military camps, built for long-term operations of US troops in the country. She also described the overbearing arrogance of US officers and their overly tight security measures and exclusive control of their facilities, so that even Filipino officers in the same camps are not able to enter those camps within camps.

A few months ago, Gadian had to resign from the military and seek sanctuary because of threats to her life after exposing the misuse of the P46-million fund for the Balikatan Joint US-RP Military Exercises in 2007.

Gadian said the US does not deploy forces in the Philippines that are not combat ready at any time. She disclosed that when she was still involved in the Balikatan activities, she received field reports that 500 American soldiers in Mindanao had been “embedded” in ground units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) carrying out field combat operations. She also said that US forces in the country are much involved in intelligence and other forms of assistance to Filipino troops in the battlefield.

“LSG Gadian’s exposé of the involvement of US troops in field operations confirms previous reports indicating that American soldiers belonging to the Joint Special Operations Task Force – Philippines (JSOTFP) have been engaged in combat, intelligence and other combat-related operations in the Philippines, in outright violation of national sovereignty” said the CPP.

“These activities are prohibited even by the reactionary government’s own constitution, yet these have been allowed and encouraged by the Arroyo government,” added the CPP.

The CPP said, “By exposing the involvement of US troops in field operations, LSG Gadian has joined the ranks of a number patriotic soldiers and a greater number of her countrymen who have stood against US military interventionism.”

The CPP expects more officers of the government’s military to emulate Gadian’s example and expose the truth about US military interventionism in the Philippines.

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