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India: 25 farmers commit suicide, Chief Minister expresses “dismay”

Posted by n3wday on September 6, 2009

farmers_suicide_india_revolution_andra_pradesh_CPI_MaoistThis article was posted on Ajahind.

25 farmers commit suicide in Andhra Pradesh

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh government is facing its worst challenge as the death toll is on the increase in the wake of the recent unprecedented drought.Official figures said that 25 farmers had ended their lives in the last 50 days. Expressing dismay over suicides by farmers, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy said he would hold District Collectors and “Adarsh Rythus” (model farmers) partly responsible for any continuation of such deaths.It is pertinent to mention here that despite the announcement by the government for a compensation of Rs150,000 to the families of each farmer who committed suicide within three days, the Collectors failed to disburse a single rupee to them.In the same regard, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister has demanded a confirmation report from the local Revenue Development Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police and District Agriculture Officer within 24 hours.

2 Responses to “India: 25 farmers commit suicide, Chief Minister expresses “dismay””

  1. enzo said

    While not the same conditions of life, by any means, this reminds me of the situation among family farmers in the US during the 1980s. They faced a “drought” of a different nature–that of foreclosure by the banks and financiers who were taking their land. There were many suicides among farmers, often feeling it was “their fault”, that somehow it was their own failure which led to the loss of their farms, lands and livelihoods. No doubt some of the same emotions are felt by these Indian farmers… such a tragic loss. Underlines the real need for all to realize the hand of the imperialist system behind this oppression.

  2. dHANVIN r bAROT said

    Corruption Money to be used for the benefit of farmers. A must

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