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WPRM Interview: On Women’s Liberation in Nepal

Posted by n3wday on September 15, 2009

comrade_jaypuri_UCPN_nepal_maoistThis article was published on the WPRM Britain’s home site.

Nepal: Interview with Comrade Jayapuri

Posted by Member-WPRM (Britain)

Activists from both WPRM Britain and Ireland, were invited to meet and interview Comrade Jayapuri of the All-Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary) in Kathmandu recently.

The new Maoist headquarters sits on a hill overlooking the city and can be reached via a muddy pathway. Approaching the front door, there are obvious signs of work going on in different parts of the building and the noise from these continued throughout the time that we spent there.

Comrade Jayapuri is, like many of the high-ranking UCPN(M) members that we met, a down to earth friendly woman whose long service to the revolutionary struggle and sophisticated political knowledge does not cause her to be anything other than approachable. Speaking through Comrade Suresh Ale Magar, who kindly acted as interpreter, Comrade Jayapuri gave an outline not just of the situation with regard to women in the emerging Nepal, but also her own insights into the current nationwide situation.

WPRM: Can you please introduce yourself?

Com. Jayapuri: My name is Jayapuri Gharti and I am the president of the All-Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary), a Central Committee member of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and a member of the Constituent Assembly, elected directly from Rolpa District. I am also the whip for our party in the Constituent Assembly.

WPRM: What is the agenda of the UCPN(M) on women’s issues in Nepal today?

Com. Jayapuri: The party is presently involved in writing a new constitution for Nepal. We are working to write a constitution that will guarantee the rights of women, particularly women from oppressed areas. We are fighting for inclusive and proportional representation for women, for economic and social rights and equality for women. At present we are fighting against the presidential coup and military supremacy and for civil supremacy, alongside all democratic and civil society forces, revolutionary and republican forces. We are also fighting for the national sovereignty of Nepal. Our party has been raising the issue of the unconstitutional step of the president. We are fighting to discuss this issue in the Constituent Assembly. Now there is 30% representation for women in state mechanisms but we are fighting for 50%. In the 601 member Constituent Assembly there are only 179 women members but from our party alone there are 79 women in the Constituent Assembly, the largest proportion by far. Read the rest of this entry »

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Turkish Translation: Katmandu Toplantısı, proletaryanın bir zaferi

Posted by Mike E on September 15, 2009

Nepal_maoist_womenThe following is a Turkish translation of The UCPN(M)’s Paris Height Meeting, a victory of the proletariat by Basanta, central committee member, Unified Communist Party Nepal (Maoist). The English version originally appeared on the re-opened Red Star website. (Special thanks to the Turkish translator team.)

Katmandu Toplantısı, proletaryanın bir zaferi

Indra Mohan Sigdel (Basanta)
BNKP(Maoist) Merkez Komite Üyesi

Partimiz, Birleşik Nepal Komünist Partisi(Maoist)’in Katmandu’da yapılan Merkez Komite Toplantısı bir süre önce sonuçlandı. Bu toplantı, Nepal devrimi bir dönüm noktasındayken organize edildi. Bu nedenle, tüm dünya halkları bu toplantının sonuçlarıyla yakından ilgilendiler. Emperyalistler, yayılmacılar ve dünya üzerindeki her türlü gericiler, partimizin bir bütün olarak reformist bir rotayı kabul etmesini, bu gerçekleşmezse en azından bölünmesini istediler. Büyük medya kuruluşları tasarımlarının gerçekleşmesi için bir sürü para harcadılar. Öte yandan, uluslararası işçi sınıfı ve dünya üzerindeki tüm ezilen kitleler, partimizin doğru bir ideolojik ve siyasi çizgi geliştirmesini ve aynı zamanda emperyalizm ve uşaklarına karşı savaşmak için öncekinden daha birleşik ve güçlü kalmasını istediler.

Uluslararası proletaryanın arzuladığı gibi, aynı anda doğru bir ideolojik-politik hat oluşturmak ve parti birliği bozulmadan tümüyle korumak, bu toplantı için çok kolay bir iş değildi. Bu tabii ki genel olarak, düşünme tarzında bariz farklar olan Merkez Komite üyelerine özel olarak ise başlıca liderlere verilen çetin bir görevdi. Öncesinden farklı olarak, üst düzey liderler de dahil olmak üzere pek çok Merkez Komite üyesi, partinin devrimci bir hat oluşturup aynı zamanda birliği koruması konusunda şüpheliydiler. Sonuç olarak, bu toplantıdaki tüm Merkez Komite üyeleri iki ağır sorumluluk yüklenmişlerdi. İlk olarak doğru bir çizgi inşa etmek ve ikinci olarak parti birliğini eskisinden daha sağlam olacak şekilde geliştirmek.

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India: Brutal Abuse of Tribal People by Thugs & Government

Posted by n3wday on September 15, 2009

adivasi-drummers-in-the-marchThis article was posted on South Asia Speaks. Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing it out.

Peace can come to Bastar only when the State stops treating the adivasi people at large as its enemy and lets them return to their villages.

The Government of Chhattisgarh admits that since the start of Salwa Judum in the year 2005, 644 villages of district Dantewada, whose overwhelmingly adivasi population is about 3.5 lakhs, have been emptied out. Our common sense understanding that enmasse displacement on this scale could only have been made possible by extreme violence, is vindicated by the horrifying incidents of arson, loot, murder, rape, and widespread arrests by the SJ and security forces that have continuously been coming to light, and which can no longer be ignored.

In honest moments, the security experts of the Jungle Warfare School, Kanker admit, that this is the well known American counter insurgency strategy of “draining the water to kill the fish”. Though many of us, who are witness to widespread displacement all over Chhattisgarh for rich mineral resources, believe that there is also considerable evidence, that the motive for ground clearing is acquisition for mining companies. Whatever the motive, what is the situation in Dantewada today?

Recently the Home Minister admitted, that out of the 50,000 “internally displaced persons” who were being housed in the roadside SJ camps since 2005, now barely 8,000 remain, the rest of them have run away. The recent incidents of a trigger happy CRPF jawan killing a woman and baby in the Cherpal camp, or of SPOs beating three persons to death in the Matwada camp, perhaps illustrate why. And yet – all schools, health centres, ration shops, (of course polling booths), which have been totally withdrawn from the 644 villages, (and even gram sabhas for determination of forest rights!) continue to be run from those camps. Read the rest of this entry »

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