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Nepal: Speak Insurrection

Posted by n3wday on September 24, 2009

dance_UCPN_Nepal_Maoist_revolutionThis article was published by the Red Star. Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing it out.

“Speak insurrection, People have stood up” – Manoj GM

Voice heard like bomb blasting and gun firing. The period was of peace process. The place was of the central office of UCPN(Maoist), at Perishdanda, in the Capital city Kathmandu. Leaders of UCPN (Maoist) were sat in the row of the guests. The ‘blasting” voice made the Security forces alert !

The voice was the opening of the cultural programme organized to welcome the leaders of People’s rebellion. The blasting voice opened the programme to welcome the leaders and the participants.

It was the first cultural programme after the invention of the tactics of People’s Federal Republic, after a month long meeting of central committee.

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