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Nepal: Speak Insurrection

Posted by n3wday on September 24, 2009

dance_UCPN_Nepal_Maoist_revolutionThis article was published by the Red Star. Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing it out.

“Speak insurrection, People have stood up” – Manoj GM

Voice heard like bomb blasting and gun firing. The period was of peace process. The place was of the central office of UCPN(Maoist), at Perishdanda, in the Capital city Kathmandu. Leaders of UCPN (Maoist) were sat in the row of the guests. The ‘blasting” voice made the Security forces alert !

The voice was the opening of the cultural programme organized to welcome the leaders of People’s rebellion. The blasting voice opened the programme to welcome the leaders and the participants.

It was the first cultural programme after the invention of the tactics of People’s Federal Republic, after a month long meeting of central committee.

The team of leadership came out from meeting hall after incessant discussion about the future policy and programmes for struggle. There were lots of cadres waiting enthusiastically to welcome the leaders. The local peoples, supports, well-wishers were there waiting in the same row. The cultural activists of ‘Samana Pariwar’ had been the centre of attraction. The people gathered there were expecting the programmes of recreation more delightful with its content of the insurrection. The cultural activists have their own aim to make the leaders, cadres and local people happier, more enthusiastic and more optimistic and get prepared for the coming people’s insurrection. Moreover, more than a half dozen cultural associations and the teams  were there.

Yes, the cultural activists made all the participants laugh. They all participated joyfully during the programme. The cultural activ9issts were those who made a decade long People’s War very joyful and interesting through their transforming aand developing cultural programmes according to their maturity  and the expertness.

The songs and the music were very revolutionary and they were closely touched with emotion and passion of the people who were very hurry to touch the series of the struggle and reach to its peak. The topic of a newly composed revolutionary song “Speak insurrection leaders!, People have stood up” created commotion in the hall. The participants clapped very loudly and the echo of clapping remained for a long time in the programme hall. Some of the leaders were laughing and some others were seemed very serious. However, all of them laughed although there was something satire in the very song. But, a bright rays of optimism could be easily seen on the appearances of the participant cadres and the people.

All the participant were in a happy mood because the leaders had concluded the CC meeting by announcing it as a historical unity of the party into a new height. Therefore, the cultural activists were trying to give something newness in their performances. There was not only art and passion in their presentation, but there was ideology, politics and some new types of practical problems and songs were full of questions whether there revolution or not.

The leaders were participating with the cultural team. At the same time, the activists made caricature of the leaders of the core-team of party committee. The leaders and all the participants felt their hesitation and mistakes to be exposed and it gave relief to themselves.

At last, the leaders danced with cultural activists. Party Chairman Com. Prachanda took initiative as the leader of dancing team, too. Cadres and people also participated co-operatively and the hall burst into a full pleasure and laugh. The cultural teams performing the programmes were from ‘Samana Pariwar, Sen-Chyang, Baikuntha-Chetnarayan, Tamsaling, All Nepal Folk Singer’s Association, All Nepal Cine Activists Association etc.

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