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Nepal’s Bhattarai: Our revolt has not ended

Posted by n3wday on October 12, 2009

Nepal_Rebels_bhattarai_UCPN_nepal_Maoism_communism_revolutionThis article was published by Telegraph Nepal.

Nepal Maoist Revolt Not Ended Yet: Dr. Bhattarai


The Maoists party vice chairman Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai who is “unfortunately” not included in the Maoists’ Party high powered delegation visiting China on Sunday, after completing trip to Western Part of the country landed in Kathmandu on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

Dr. Bhattarai later during the day addressing a gathering organized by NCP-Maoist Kathmandu Election Constituency no 1 Chapter in Kalikasthan appealed the Maoists cadres to make yet another sacrifice in order to change the current Feudal Republican Order into the Republic of the Proletariat.

“Our revolt has not ended yet, we have the duty to make the republican order as a people oriented one”, Bhattarai said adding, “We will defeat the current anti-people government through our protest programs.”

He also said that unless the Maoists’ Party as the largest party in the CA, takes over charge of the national government, the constitution drafting process and the conclusion of the peace process was impossible.

Analysts remain askance as to why Dr. Bhattarai is not included in the maoist led delegation to China?

This apparently too has some meaning which remains to be investigated by sharp media men.

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One Response to “Nepal’s Bhattarai: Our revolt has not ended”

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai said

    Dear editor,
    I read the opinion of the Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai-‘Our revolt has not ended yet, we have the duty to make the republican order as a people oriented one.’ What is that ? The intention of Maoist is very bad. I think, the Maoists want to establish the one-party rule by money and guns constitutes the essence of power.The Maoist is harboring anarchy by violating democratic norms and attacking state institutions on all fronts. It proves Maoists are giving lip-service to democracy but they are not committed to establish democratic situation. They are trying to attain absolute power by creating anarchy. The Maoist strategy is to capture state power and to establish Maoist-rule which is very inconsistent ine Nepal.

    The most unfortunate fact is that majority of our political leaders are Indian agents. Everybody knows- Baburam Bhattarai also is a agent of RAW. Because SD Muni also excepted this truth. So,it is worthless to expect from these leaders to save our nationality and independence.

    SD Muni (JNU) is popular for producing Extreme Leftists. It was Indian Congress government and policy makers like SD Muni who not only assisted but funded Nepal Maoists to wage a war against Hinduism. However Prithvi Narayan was only one who protested it. He raised Nepalese flag, maintained originality of Himbatkhand and unified the great Nepal. From the beginning of Prithvi Narayan Shah Regime in 1868, the balanced Nepalese relationship with China and India was maintained by every Kings till 2005. Nepalese Kings never afraid of imperial powers. Nepalese Kings never sold the country in any crisis. The balanced foreign policy and patronization of nationality is due to combined effort of King and people of Nepal. If Nepalese Maoists support to get rid of Indian conspiracy, then,they can do somthing for Nepal. But, we can’t hope, the RAW agents,although they are Maoists or any Communists, can’t do nothing for the country. We all know,the nationalist Nepalese people along with the King should stand up in one side so that Indian interference could be protested. So, without monarchy Nepal as well as Maoists also can’t secure. Then what kind of revolt they are creating ?

    Actually, the reality is that in the context of Nepal, the authorized guardian of the country is the King. We view that effort made both by the King and the people will only enhance the nation & democracy. But the leaders did not like to understand the reality and they declared republic under foreign pressure. The republic, secularism, federalism is becoming the main problem of the country’s stability. To safeguard the nationality & democracy, the King ought to be re-established, and the parliament should be strong. Equally, the political leaders must be patriot, but not the agents of foreigners. Now, Nepal has become the playground of foreigners the problem will only be resolved when the King and the people’s leaders will be together in regime.
    I request to all Nationalists as well as Maoists to understand the reality of Nepal.
    Thank you.

    All the best
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Former member of Parliament, Nepal
    Political Analyst.

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