Revolution in South Asia

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5 Nepal Posters: Share, Print, Post

Posted by Mike E on October 17, 2009

nepal_revolution_postersThe FIRE Collective in Houston has produced a series of five posters supporting the revolution in Nepal. Here they are in pdf format. The posters are easy to print — 8×11 paper in black-and-white.

One version with blank space for local contact information (for events, local phone etc.)
One version without blank space (but with Kasama URLs)

The FIRE collective has recently written:

“Today, seemingly a world away, the population of a small, oppressed nation is engaged in an ongoing revolution that is straining and maneuvering for a decisive victory. Rather than pursuing a rigid path in a sterile and dogmatic way, these revolutionaries have employed a diversity of tactics… Their thinking is fresh, and they’ve wedded creative innovation with a movement committed to socialism and worldwide liberation from capitalism and imperialism. They deserve our active political work. We need to help break through the mainstream media whiteout…”

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