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As Police Attack, Prachanda Warns Government Not to Suppress People

Posted by Mike E on November 1, 2009

mass actions in nepal_maoist_kathmandu_4

UCPN-Maoist CA lawmaker Hari Lal Thapa Magar sustains injuries during the Singha Durbar gherao protest programme in Kathmandu on Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Dahal warns against use of force to suppress Maoist agitation

Nepal News, November 1,  2009

Chairman of Unified CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Sunday that the current government is unsuccessfully trying to maintain its hold on power, although the international community has already called for the formation of “national unity government” in the country. The Maoist chairman made the remark a day after United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said a national unity government would be ‘desirable’ for timely drafting of new constitution and management of the Maoist army.

Speaking at a tea-reception organized in Kathmandu on the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1130, Dahal accused the Madhav Kumar Nepal government of being an “obstruction for the new constitution and establishment of peace in the country”.

mass actions in nepal_maoist_kathmandu_5

Police baton charged the protest the bleeding CA member above was at, here's another photo.

He said that the intensity of the nationwide agitation his party is organizing from today will not wane but continue to grow until the President’s “unconstitutional move” on the Army chief row is corrected. Assuring that the party’s nationwide protest programme will be peaceful, the Maoist chairman, however, warned that if there are efforts to suppress the agitation through the use of force then its outcome would not be good.

Alluding to the remarks made by Defense Minister Bidya Devi Bhandari who has said that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement needs to be amended so that Nepal Army can take in new recruits and purchase weapons and ammunitions, Dahal said that such statements by the ministers of the current government are against the spirit of the CPA and “highly unfortunate”.

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