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Nepal’s Prachanda: No Current Links to Indian Maoists

Posted by Ka Frank on November 11, 2009


This article appeared at the same time as the Nepali Maoist leader responsible for international relations confirmed  support for the revolution in India.

Nepal Maoists have no links with Indian Maoists: Prachanda

TGW, November 9, 2009

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Unified Maoists’ Party chairman has said that there exists no links between the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist and the Unified Maoists’ Party of Nepal.

Mr. Dahal’s remarks came just a day after the Indian Home Secretary Mr. Goal K Pillai, addressing a joint press conference after the completion of a two day Home Secretary level security talks between India and Nepal, November 7, 2009, had said that there existed some sort of links between the two Maoists’ Parties and that the government of India was fully aware of that.

Addressing a press meet in Birgunj, Sunday, November 8, 2009, Dahal said that in the past the two parties had political relationship but with the Maoists’ Party in Nepal becoming a part of the peace process, the political link as such has been broken.

“After we joined the peace process in Nepal, they have been blaming our party as to have turned a revisionist one, in such a situation there is no chance of having ideological links with the Indian Maoists”, he continued.

“Even while we were carrying out peoples’ war in Nepal, we never asked for physical support from them”, he told the journalists.


One Response to “Nepal’s Prachanda: No Current Links to Indian Maoists”

  1. GD said

    This is always a difficult question for revolutionaries especially in weak states such as Nepal. The UCPN (M) has an internationalist duty to support the revolutionaries in India, but such support may bring Indian interference into Nepal. This question of how much should one revolution support another especially when surrounded by hostile powers is a difficult one. This issue goes all the way back to the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. While I believe that the USSR should have gone ahead with industrialization, Stalin’s meddling in the Comintern in the interest of not upsetting the Imperialists too much led to crushed revolutions because the CPSU bureaucracy could not play a role in bringing about actual revolutions in other countries primarily because they did not understand the local conditions but also because the Comintern support Soviet foreign policy objectives as opposed to revolutionary ones in most cases. The UCPN should stay silent on the Indian Maoist issue, offer clandestine support where possible and link up should the Maoists in India be able to establish their red corridor. Unfortunately, the CPI (Maoist) is stuck in old mechanistic thinking and has decided that the UCPN is nothing more than a social democratic party. Given the situation in India, the Indian Maoists are going to need Nepali support if they are going to accomplish anything. Though the Indian Maoists have proven great organizers I feel their thinking is too old fashioned and may eventually isolate them.

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