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Kisenji Gives Headaches to Indian Intelligence

Posted by Ka Frank on November 16, 2009

KisenjiKisenjiKisenjiFive calls from five places.  So, who is the real Kisenji?

Sumanta Ray Chaudhuri, DNA, November 5, 2009

In fact, the police have found five dummy Kisenjis operating from different jungle locations in West Bengal and adjacent Jharkhand using different mobile telephones and different SIM cards at different times.

Sophisticated voice and tone examination of the recorded interviews confirmed Kisenji has at least five dummies. But for close scrutiny by the police, the interviews are difficult to distinguish, thanks to a sustained practice and uniform style of speaking Hindi, English or Bengali with a distinct Telegu accent. Senior CID officials said it is difficult for the common man to differentiate between the different voices and accents of these dummy Kisenjis.

“The very fine differences have been traced through sophisticated voice examination, but we are not sure which one is the real Kisenji,” he said. Initially, they tried to nab Kisenji by tracking the tower locations but failed. “We neither have any recent picture of Kisenji nor any specific information about what he looks like. So, we tried to track the mobile towers. But, it did not work. There were times when we felt we had found our man, but we realised there were these dummy Kisenjis,” the CID official said.

Now, the CID is not even sure if the man who faced the media when Sankrail station-in-charge Atindranath Dutta was released was the real Kisenji. In a lighter vein, the official said the Maoists were getting back at them for their arrest of Maoist-backed PCPA leader Chatradhar Mahato by decoying as journalists. “The Kisenjis are paying us back in the same coin and hoodwinking us using the media,” he said.

In the article below, Kisenj says that while the police can’t find him, he is known to the people of  Lalgarh.

Cops unclear if Kishenji uses dummies for media interaction

Express India, November 5, 2009

Kolkata: Police are quite unsure whether the diminutive man in a creased, full-sleeved shirt with a rifle slung from his shoulder and frequently coming on TV with his back to the cameras, the real Maoist leader Koteswar Rao alias Kishenji. “I cannot say for sure. There are several people who are known as Kishenji. There is also a possibility of existence of dummies,” West Midnapore SP Manoj Kumar Verma told PTI.

West Bengal Director General of Police, Bhupinder Singh was also surprised at the frequent television appearances and voice overs of the CPI(Maoist) politburo member in charge of Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa, originally from Andhra Pradesh.

“An underground leader speaking over phone with the media constantly is very surprising to me. Generally this doesn’t happen,” Singh said.

Asked if the person shown on television could be a dummy of the real Koteswar Rao, he said, “There is a possibility.” Kishenji, however, rubbished the idea of using dummies. “I have seen the reports in the media that there are dummies who act and talk on my behalf. The Centre has announced Rs 500 crore for media propaganda. This is how they are spending the money,” he told PTI over phone from an undisclosed location.

“It is true that I don’t show my face on camera, but that doesn’t mean that I am unknown to the people. They know me.  Even some from the media have seen me when I interacted with them. The government has failed to arrest me, that’s why this propaganda.”

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