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Nepal: Maoists Will Declare Autonomous States During Third Phase

Posted by n3wday on November 17, 2009

Gajurel_Nepal_UCPN_revolution_maoism_communismThis article was published on

Maoists to declare autonomous states in 3rd-phase agitation

KATHMANDU, NOV 14 – Unified CPN (Maoist) Secretary CP Gajurel said that his party is preparing to declare autonomous states as per the party strategy in new phase of agitation which is on the horizon.

Speaking to the media people in Dharan on Saturday, he stated that if the parties agree upon discussing the Maoist resolution motion tabled at the Legislture-Parliament then the Maoists will let the House business resume. Otherwise, he said, his party will resort to a fresh round of agitation in a new way. According to him, the new agitation will be more intense but peaceful.

Gajurel, who earlier today in Dhankuta said the declaration of authonomous states and capture of the government offices was against the party policy and that the party will not approve such incidents, dubbed the declaration of Kirat Autonomous State in eastern hilly districts and the seizure of Dhankuta Municipality as but rumours.

As per the party strategy, he said, the Unified CPN (Maoist) will declare autonomous states during the third-phase of protest.

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Indian Gandhian: “Green Hunt Will Result in Genocide of Adivasis”

Posted by Ka Frank on November 17, 2009


“Green Hunt will result in genocide of Adivasis”

Times of India, November 13, 2009

Gandhian Himanshu Kumar has been working among tribals [adivasis] in Bastar for more than 17 years. Though he has rehabilitated 30 villages devastated by the Chhattisgarh government’s anti-Naxalite campaign Salwa Judum, his ashram was demolished by the government in May this year. Kumar spoke to Jyoti Punwani:

How did you rehabilitate the villages?

As a Gandhian, I could not just stand by and watch when Adivasis who had fled their village because of Salwa Judum, were beaten up for having returned to their village to depose before the NHRC [National Human Rights Commission]. I decided to set up camp in that village. If the Salwa Judum forces came to burn it, they would have to burn me first. We persuaded the villagers to come back. They had lost everything seeds, cattle because whenever they tried to return, the Salwa Judum forces hounded them into camps and burnt their village. We arranged for everything, helped them plough their land. Slowly others began returning. Peace reigned in those villages till last month when Operation Green Hunt began.

The Supreme Court has directed the government to rehabilitate the tribals. If the government is not willing, let me do it. I can bring peace in a week. You withdraw your forces and provide the amenities that were stopped after Salwa Judum started: doctors, schools, aanganwadis [child/mother care centers].

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New Film: When the State Declares War on the People

Posted by Ka Frank on November 17, 2009

India_revolution_new_film_when_the_state_declares_war_against_the_people_Chhattisgarh_rights_violationsWhen the State Declares War on the People

A 15 minute Trailer on the Human Rights Violations in Chhattisgarh resulting from Operation Green Hunt.


We have been hearing many stories about the human rights violations before and after Operation Green Hunt was announced. Allegations and counter-allegations have been going around. Fact-finding investigations have uncovered the atrocities security forces are committing in these areas, but now those very findings are being questioned.

At such a time it is crucial to present the reality and tear the veils obscuring the truth. When the State Declares War on the People is a 15-minute trailer by Gopal Menon based on his recent coverage of the ground reality in Chhattisgarh. This short film contains exclusive interviews with victims and their testimony including 1 1/2 year old Suresh who had three fingers chopped off his left hand, an old man who was electrocuted and whose flesh was ripped off with knives, women raped by Special Police Officers and CRPF. Read the rest of this entry »

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