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Kiran Demands Dissolution of Nepal Government

Posted by Ka Frank on November 22, 2009

Telegraph Nepal, November 20, 2009

Senior Maoist leader demands dissolution of Nepal Govt

The Vice Chairman of the Maoist party, Mohan Baidya alias Kiran has alleged that the government has been exhibiting nonchalance towards sorting out the current political dispute for reasons unknown. Kiran claims that his party though remained steadfast in sorting out the differences, however, the government was ignoring the Maoists flexibility and thus pushing the Maoist party for yet another stir.

Kiran emphatically says that his party will not allow the budget to get approved from the Parliament until the Nepal President unconstitutional moves get corrected. “We are in favor of consensus…we could exhibit some flexibility…let’s talk, however, this government is not interested in talks”, laments Mohan Baidya.

He made these remarks yesterday, November 19, 2009, while addressing a literary program in Kathmandu. “No response as such as of now we have received from the government as regards our demands and concerns”, says Kiran who is considered to be a hardliner in the Maoist camp. “We will not allow this government to approve the budget unless the people’s supremacy gets restored in the country”. Kiran continued.

He demanded the dissolution of the incumbent government in order to hasten the process of constitution draft.  Mohan Baidya reminded the Nepal’s literary figures of their Himalayan role in landing the revolution to a positive conclusion.

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