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CPI (Maoist) Leader Released from Prison After Two Years

Posted by n3wday on November 24, 2009

This article was posted on Democracy and Class Struggle.

Maoist leader Tusharkant Bhattacharya released from Central Jail in Warangal

CPI (Maoists) central committee member , Tusharkant Bhattacharyya, a leading intellectual and ideologue in India was freed from Warangal Jail late Thursday (November 19) night. Tusharkant Bhatttacharya was lodged in Warangal prison for the past two years.

According to Andhra Police, Bhattacharya was acquitted in three cases registered against him in the state, while he already has got bail in the case registered against him in Bihar.

Speaking to media soon after his release from the prison, Tusharkant Bhattacharya reiterated that as long as there was State violence and oppression against the people, the Maoists movement will continue to fight for the depressed classes and those being exploited.

He charged the governments both at the Centre and State levels with terrorising the tribals and forcing them to flee from the forest areas so that the natural resources and mine deposits in the region could easily be handed over to the multi-national companies. “What they are planning now in Chattisgarh in the name of Green Hunt is nothing but a ploy to displace the adivasis. However, the Maoist party with the support of the people will not allow the evil designs of the Centre,’’ he said.

Despite his failing health, the Maoist leader said he would continue to serve the party and would play an active role in the people’s movements. “Protecting the mineral wealth in the forest areas will always be the priority of Maoists,’’ he said.

He said false cases were foisted against him and that he was mentally tortured in the prison. However, he said nothing would deter him. Former CPI (Janashakti) leader Amar was among those who came to receive Bhattacharya at the prison.

Bhattacharya was captured by Bihar Police in a raid on his rented house in Patna’s Dujra locality on September 20, 2007. At the time of arrest, Bhattacharya was looking after the Maoist movement in Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Bihar, known as the Triple U in Maoist parlance.

Tusharkant Bhattacharya — resident of Kagaznagar in Andhra’s Adilabad district is one of the leading idealogues of the Maoist Movement in India. He was arrested 2 years ago in September, 2007 from Patna. He is responsible for the infamous Tappalpur Village killings which led to a flight of landlords from 4 Andhra districts

3 Responses to “CPI (Maoist) Leader Released from Prison After Two Years”

  1. CPSA said

    The new EPW has an interesting, and perhaps surprisingly long, op-ed on why advasi support for the Maoists is so strong:

  2. Ka Frank said

    CPSA: Thanks for the heads up. We will post this article by Himanshu Kumar soon.

  3. Ka Frank said

    Top Maoist Tusharkanta Bhaatacharya arrested again (Indian Express)

    WARANGAL/HYDERABAD: Senior Maoist leader Tusharkanta Bhattacharya was arrested today in Warangal.Interestingly, police officially admitted to having taken Tusharkanta Bhaatacharya into custody in the eveing while the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), in response to a petition, asked the police send a report by Monday whether they arrested the Maoist leader or not.

    Meanwhile, Warangal district SP Shah Nawaz Qasim has confirmed the arrest. Bhattacharya was reportedly picked up by the police at Golconda Crossroads in Hyderabad on Thursday.The Warangal police are planning to produce the arrested Maoist leader before magistrate late in the night.

    Earlier, the SHRC in Hyderabad directed the Warangal superintendent of police to submit a report on the whereabouts of the CPI (Maoist) leader in response to a complaint filed by an advocate, Satyanarayana, who said Bhattacharya and he had travelled together in a car from Nallakunta on Thursday.After he got down from the car at Golconda Crossroads, Satyanarayana said he saw some plainclothes policemen taking away the Maoist leader, his car and driver Ramu.

    Initially, the SHRC directed the Inspector- General of Police (SIB) to submit a report. “The SIB officials informed the SHRC that it was not they but the Warangal police who picked up the Moaist leader in connection with a case registered in the district some time ago. Then I have asked the SP to file the status report by Monday,’’ Subhashan Reddy said.The Maoist leader was first arrested in Ranchi in Jharkhand on September 17, 2007 and was sent to Warangal jail.

    He was acquitted on November 19 last year as the charges against him were not proved. When he raised slogans in favour of Maoists while getting released from the jail, the police registered a case of sedition against him at the Mattewada police station in Warangal.

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