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Orissa Tribals Harvest Bumper Paddy Crop on Seized Land

Posted by Ka Frank on November 25, 2009

Published on Merinews, November 5, 2009.

Bumper paddy harvested by tribals in Narayanpatna Block

The land, about 2000 acres seized by Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangha (CMAS) under Narayanpatna Block of Koraput district couple of months back, harvested bumper paddy crop this year, when the entire state farmers suicidal deaths are continuing for their crop damages.

When contacted, Nachika Linga leader of CMAS of Narayanpatna Block, “We have taken possession of about 2000 acres of land and distributed among our members.” With bows, arrows and other traditional weapons, both male and female members of CMAS walked to the fields and harvested paddy crop on their own paternal lands. “This year for the first time without using chemical fertiliser and pesticides, the crop was harvested,” Linga said.

Linga also expressed that the land of their own was under the possession of a particular community (Sundhi by caste) restored forcefully after 10 years of our agitation programmes. The failure of the successive governments to restore the land forced us to take the land in our position and driven them out from the lands. Nachika Linga said that he doesn’t believe the present democratic system and offices functioning in the name of benefiting the tribals and physically benefiting the non-tribals, money lenders and liquor vendors.

Recently, Nilakantha Parida was taken under the custody of the members of CMAS Narayanpatna and interrogated for about one week inside the jungle, and on a request of some of the supporters of the movement allowed him to go on a condition not to support the government’s sponsored peace committees in future. Nachika Linga was a bounded labourer under Nilakantha Praida who tortured Linga without even providing him food to eat. However, we do not spare anybody even including the journalists who are going against the activities of CMAS, Narayanpatna.

One Response to “Orissa Tribals Harvest Bumper Paddy Crop on Seized Land”

  1. Revolutionary J said

    If a bumper crop can be obtained without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, that’s amazing. I am just imagining, what can be the possible level production, if it has been turned into a collective farm with much more modern machinery.
    I myself want this land to be converted into a “collective farm”, which can be a very good slap on the face of the nation and can be a very good advertisement for the future.

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