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Biplap: 3rd Phase Can Turn Into People’s Rebellion

Posted by Ka Frank on November 26, 2009

NepalNews,  November 24, 2009.

Movement for civilian supremacy can turn into all out rebellion: Maoist leader

A senior Maoist leader has warned that the nationwide agitation waged by the party for upholding ‘civilian supremacy’ can very well turn into a people’s rebellion.

Maoist Standing Committee member Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’, however, assured that the party has no immediate plans for an all out rebellion, even though the ruling parties are just inciting them for the same.

Speaking at a programme in the capital on Tuesday, Chand refuted rumors that the Maoists launched the nationwide agitation just to get back into power. Chand also claimed that there would be massive participation of communist, nationalists and republican forces in the party’s third phase of protest, which began from Nov. 22.

He also said that the party has plans to declare autonomous ethnic provinces during the third phase of stir, adding that this (the declaration of autonomous provinces) will foil the conspiracy of reactionary forces both inside the country and outside to spread communal hatred in the country. 

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