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Bhattarai Speaks on Political Consensus and Street Protests

Posted by Ka Frank on November 27, 2009

Telegraph Nepal, November 24, 2009.

Opinion: Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai

Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, Vice Chairman, Unified Maoist Party, interviewed in Jana Disha Daily, November 23, 2009

As your party enters into the third round of protest programs soon, tell us how have you analyzed the Second Round of Protest programs?

Dr. Bhattarai: The second round of protest was a grand success. Our demand for restoration of Civilian Supremacy in the country has been established well among the masses due to their huge participation in the protest programs. And it is true that it makes no sense if the government addresses our demands or not because those in the government have no peoples’ support. They are not responsible to the people. They are instead spreading the gossip that our protests have had no impact.

Do you have the feeling that the third round of protest will force the government to accept your demands?

Dr. Bhattarai: Let me tell you frankly that we still want our demands addressed though consensus between the parties. Our objective is to draft the constitution and bring logical end to the peace process. But, we found out that this government is not in favor of politics of consensus thus we were forced to declare another round of protest. We had served a week ultimatum to the government after the conclusion of the second round of protest, yet it was ignored. We are certain that our demands would be met this time around. This round of protest will see grand and massive participation of the general public, greater than ever.

So you think that this government will address your demands?

Dr. Bhattarai: This is an illegal government, it has been rejected by the people and a government formed through an unnatural alliance.  And it is not expected that this government will address our demands easily.

You say that this is an unnatural government still you unlock the parliamentary deadlock to pass the budget brought in by the same illegal government? How does it match after all?

Dr. Bhattarai: We maintain that this is an unnatural and illegal government and we also say that we have no support to its budget. Our commitment is to get rid of the government imposed financial crisis to the General public, government officials, Army and Police. We have felt our responsibility to the nation and the people. We have never said that we will not let the government pass the budget. Our demand is simply that we must be allowed to discuss the unconstitutional decision of the President at the parliament. The government by ridiculing our demand had in turn blocked the parliamentary proceedings. The parliamentary deadlock is not because of our faults.

Tell us what if your demand for restoration of civilian supremacy is met?

Dr. Bhattarai: After Civilian Supremacy resorted we believe that there will be no threat coming from any quarters to the republican order. The President’s decision backed by the security forces has made the republican order itself in a danger. To safeguard the country from this threat the demand for Civilian Supremacy is very important. Civilian Supremacy restored, the Army will set the precedence that Army is not above the Civilian Government. The institution of Army should come under the direct influence of the people. This is not the case at present.

Any response as such from the parties or even the government after the declaration of third round of protest programs?

Dr. Bhattarai: This government is not at all serious over the concerns raised by the people. It is totally irresponsible. This is the government of the marionettes. It is not a legal one. It is a handicapped government and taking support from elsewhere to stand upright. Thus there has been no response coming from the government after we declared third round of protest programs.

Does this mean that except taking to the streets there is no other way to fulfill your demands?

Dr. Bhattarai: I have already told you that we are still trying to resolve dispute through consensus, but, this unnatural, marionette and illegal government is not in favor of addressing our demands amicably. In this situation, we are certain our demands will be met after greater participation of the people through our protests. We feel that this government will surrender only after the sea of people comes to the streets.

Finally, what say you?

Dr. Bhattarai: The movement to liberate the people from the feudal, semi-colonial state beginning 2007 B.S. continues unabated. The movement to establish full democracy is still continuing. For democracy, the prevalence of civilian supremacy is mandatory. To achieve the target all the sections of the society, class, caste, region, gender and community need to once again agitate. I urge all to actively participate in the third round of protest declared by our party. This round of protest will ensure civilian supremacy and Nepali independence.

3 Responses to “Bhattarai Speaks on Political Consensus and Street Protests”

  1. Ka Frank said

    By “consensus,” Bhattarai is referring to an agreement with the Nepali Congress and the United Marxist-Leninists, which represent bourgeois and feudal forces in Nepal and which control the state in tandem with the Nepalese army. Throughout the November street protests, Prachanda has been working assiduously to bring the Congress and its aging leader Koirala into such a consensus.

    It is difficult to see how unity with the Congress and UML can result in writing a revolutionary constitution, and it is impossible for such unity to lead to completion of the new democratic revolution. These forces need to be targeted, not brought into a Maoist-led national unity government.

    My sense is that the UCPN (Maoist) and the mass organizations it leads will be in a better position to advance the revolutionary struggle if it remains outside of the government. The period during which the Maoists governed was one of stagnation and political confusion.

  2. From Peru said

    I cannot predict Future, but the current situation in the Hindu Sub-continent is critical.

    We are in a moderate-to-strong El Niño, this plus Climate Change have triggered the worst drought in 30 years.
    See the NASA image:
    “Fires in Northwestern India”

    So in India, all the Ganges Plain is burning, and a kilometer-thick toxic plume of smoke covers all the region,from Himalayas-Karakoram mountains to South India.

    Not only actual fires, the whole India is in a wave of brutal violence since the so-called “Operation Green Hunt” was launched by government against the Indian Maoists, or Naxalites.

    I believe that we need urgently a Maoist stable government in Nepal to fullfill the demands of people and prevent a deadly famine in Nepal ,caused by current drought and the 2009-A/H1N1 influenza pandemic strain.

    A short-term victory, like a successful land reform and famine-epidemic mitigation will gave Nepal Maoists the moral and political strenght to:
    1)Demonstrate that a New Democratic State is possible
    2)Prachanda and Bhattarai could regain the support from the Naxalites(very skeptical to the Nepali Peace Process, that they see as a “surrender to the imperialist forces”).

    Then Nepal Maoists could intervene in India as an “humanitarian intermediates” with the Naxalites, inducing them to drop some violent actions (like elections sabotage acts and some arson attacks).

    These will gave Naxals more people’s support(they already are, as the Indian government commit unnarrable brutalities in their anti-Naxal operations). So, India could follow a Nepal-like process that will end violence and establish a Naxal-leaded government that end with the semifeudal caste system in countryside and change economic model, from the current unsustainable “neo-liberal” one to a people-friendly, sustainable economic development.

    This will put the Subcontinent at the Vanguard of the world in Climate Change mitigation and poverty reduction, all within a Socialist Model that will be a long way better than the current Capitalist-Industrial Model that is followed by China.

  3. From Peru said

    Have some UCPN(M) cadres considered , after the wave of protests make them return to government, as a way to celebrate the Victory, planting A BIG RED FLAG ON EVEREST SUMMIT?

    a RED FLAG than will bring a Red Salute from the Top of the World to humanity?

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