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Nepal: 200,000 Animals Sacrificed in Feudal Festival

Posted by Ka Frank on November 28, 2009

Kantipur Report, November 25, 2009

Second day of Gadhimai fair sees over 200,000 animal sacrifice

BARA – Thousands of goats, chickens, ducks and pigeons were sacrificed on the second day of Gadhimai festival being held at Bariyapur of Bara district.

Around 200,000 goats and birds that were brought by the pilgrims were slaughtered on Wednesday, said Shivchandra Kushawaha, chairman of the festival organising committee.

On Tuesday, the first day of the festival, around 17,000 buffaloes were slaughtered. Raman Thakur Bhuihaar, who hails from Sitamadi in Indian state of Bihar, alone made an offer of 105 buffaloes for sacrifice.

It is believed that sacrificing animals at the festival brings one prosperity and wards off evil.

Carcasses were strewn all over the slaughter field. Although the festival organisers had hired a contractor to clear out the carcasses, people from Chamar community chased the contractor and took away the carcasses themselves. Nearly 75 percent of the carcasses were taken away by the Chamar people by Wednesday evening.

Gadhimai festival is held every five years and is considered the largest animal sacrificing event in the world. A great number of Hindu devotees from far and wide, including India, make pilgrimage to Bariyapur during the festival.

Kushawaha claimed that over 150 thousand people observed the Gadhimai festival in the last two days.

3 Responses to “Nepal: 200,000 Animals Sacrificed in Feudal Festival”

  1. From Peru said

    This while the Subcontinent is

    And remember, the 2009-A/H1N1 virus is now hitting the North Hemisphere!(there is coming winter, and so the flu season)
    In 1918-1919, another A/H1N1 killed 100 MILLION WORLDWIDE.
    The worst hit place was INDIA,then in El Niño-induced drought, in just a season…30 MILLION DEATHS!

    MAOISTS, can do something to save millions of people from starvation and disease?
    PRACHANDA, BATTARAI, PLA, do something!
    Educate people, stockpile food and medicines, WARN THE PEOPLE!

    You can do what the government can’t!

  2. AnimalRights said

    This is as if animals do not have any rights ???!

    Hinduism and Buddhism were supposed to be “great” with animals!

    How is this any better than Turkey eating festival of Christmas or gory mass killing of goats on Eid ul Fitr (also called Baqri Eid for the killings) ?

    This should be banned!

  3. A Rodrigues said

    Horror! We most fight this.

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