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Nepal: Maoist-led Squatters Seize Land

Posted by Ka Frank on November 28, 2009

Posted on Himalayan Times, November 25, 2009

Maoists seize Golchha’s land

Surendra Kafle

Nepalgunj: Violating the Comprehensive Peace Accord, a sister wing of the UCPN-Maoist seized 21 bighas of land at Rajhena in Kohalpur on Wednesday.

More than 100 activists led by Prem Shah, Banke chairman of the All Nepal Landless Squatters’ Association affiliated to the Tharuwan State Committee, which is aligned to UCPN-M, erected the party flag and seized the land belonging to late Mahendra Golchha.

Shah rationalised the action, stating that the land would be distributed among the squatters. He claimed that they seized the land, as the government had failed to implement the 12-point agreement to take the peace process ahead. He added that a meeting of the TSC held on November 13 had decided to seize land in several districts.

Deputy chairman of the association, Prem Sapkota, said they would capture 20 bighas of land along the Rapti River till Titihiriya. He added, “We won’t allow anyone to sell the land. Even if the land were sold, we’ll seize it and distribute it among the squatters.”

In a press statement, coordinator of Tharuwan State Committee Amar Pariyar said they would start seizing land in Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kanchanpur from today and distribute it among the squatters. The committee warned of retaliation if any party tried to intervene in their campaign. The committee had stated that nobody would be allowed to sell the seized land until the formation of High Level Land Reform Commission with TSC representation. Bhola Mahat, regional coordinator of INSEC, said the Maoist action was against the CPA.

Hari Gyawali, acting regional director of the National Human Rights Commission, said, “The Maoists had agreed to return the seized land in CPA.’’  Meanwhile, Resham Bahadur Pandey, assistant CDO, Banke, said the case of land seizure would be probed.

One Response to “Nepal: Maoist-led Squatters Seize Land”

  1. Ka Frank said

    Here’s more news of Maoist land seizures:

    Maoists again indulging in land seizure spree

    Nov. 15: Notwithstanding the often repeated remarks on the part of Maoist leaders that the seizure of property is not in line with their party policy, formal rebels have again been indulging in such activities in Kapilvastu.

    According to media reports, Maoist activists have forcefully grabbed more than 100 hectares land in the district in the last two days.

    On Friday, Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Peasants’ Association-Revolutionary reportedly captured nearly 34 hectares land at Karma of Banskhor VDC-5 in the district. The land belongs to Abdul Salam Musalman, Jiyau Rahaman and Hitiz Rahaman of Abhirab VDC, it is understood.

    According a local Maoist leader, the land was purchased with the amount donated to a Muslim social organisation, Muslim Jamiya Phukaniya Study Centre.

    Maoists also captured about 70 hectares land belonging to Prabhatraj Pandey, Pratapraj Pandey, Pradipraj Pandey and Jabbar Musalman of Nandanagar VDC and Dhanendra Karki of Jahadi VDC in the district, it is learnt.

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