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Prachanda on Drafting New Constitution

Posted by Ka Frank on December 4, 2009

Nepal News, December 1, 2009

Maoists to ensure timely drafting of new constitution: Dahal

The remark from the Maoist supremo comes at a time when his party itself is accused of causing delay in constitution writing process due to their continued obstruction of the parliament which has contributed to the prevailing political stand-off.

He said that his party will ensure the timely drafting of the new constitution and logical conclusion of the peace process by shattering the dreams of the forces for status quo who want the continuation of “old Nepal”.

Dahal also regretted the delay in the formation of a High Level Political Mechanism to give a way out to the political deadlock in the country. He said that the delay was caused by conflict within other political parties, chiefly UML and Nepali Congress where leaders are seen divided over the issue.

The former guerilla leader also likened the current government to a “passing cloud”, which will soon clear.

“This government will topple soon and a new government will be formed under Maoist leadership,” he claimed.


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