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Operation Green Hunt: Intelligence Based?

Posted by Ka Frank on December 5, 2009

PM Singh and Home Minister Chidambaram, architects of Green Hunt

“If the BSF, the EFR, the CRPF and also the Cobra (whose much ballyhooed nose got bloodied badly by the Maoists recently) knew how to do community work, put women in command, with respect, in all significant operations, help with digging canals, distributing rations, setting up health care centers, helping with harvests, quadrupling minimum wages and selling price of tendu leaves, protecting tribal lands and people from contractors and police, not occupying the smattering of schools that there are, then the Maoists would become redundant. Because that is what the Maoist have been doing for over twenty five years and have built up their ‘base’ areas. That is what ‘intelligence’ is all about.”

Anti-Naxal Offensive to be Intelligence Based:  Chidambaram.  Huh?

Trevor Selvam, Countercurrents, November 29, 2009

It has been heard that the gnome-like, perpetually-blue-turbaned Indian PM, who was visibly stunned and overwhelmed by the Hollywood gala arranged for him in DC (and cannot stop waving his hand until told to stop), has given some serious advice to his sidekick, the former lawyer for the Enron’s in India, Mr. Chidambaram (PCC).

The Background

The PM knows that the Bankrupt Big Brothers (BBB) in this world (or the G7 if you would) can still call the shots by issuing bonds and printing money and would very much like India to be on her best behaviour, to be a wedge against that runaway superpower, China. Yes, China, buys the bonds so the US can have cash to buy the goods from China for cheap, so US workers have no jobs, an arrangement that is nearly as schizoid and perplexing as the cuckoo’s nest. China, they do not trust.

India, they could, provided India nods its head quietly from time to time on screwing the Iranians, the Palestinians, occasionally the Russians (former “natural friends”) and even its former “third world” non-aligned partners from the past, and also simultaneously shimmy-ing up to the Israelis on intelligence, rocketry, underhanded arms deals and counter-insurgency operations. Of course Pakistan is such a disaster-struck nation, that BBB has advised the PM to relax on the western border and not aggravate Pakistan’s paranoia and its already out of control terror-sponsorship. Read the rest of this entry »

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Biplab: Maoists Must Write a People’s Constitution

Posted by Ka Frank on December 5, 2009

Red Star, November 24, 2009

Maoist should give people’s constitution—Com. Biplab

A new debate has begun after the declaration of 3rd phase struggle by UCPN-Maoist. The centre of the debate is who would be the owner of the declared republic: people or bourgeois? The real debate is on the field and there is power-struggle in between the people and anti-people forces.

Clarifying the dual political situation in Nepal, UCPN-Maoist Standing Committee Member Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplab’ says, “People are being confidential about the proposal put forward by the UCPN-Maoist and even the foreign powers are agreeing on it. Party Central Committee has taken a bold decision to give political outlet.”

Instead of making preparation for drafting a new constitution, the parties involved in the government are going to hold their Party Congress in this winter. However, UCPN-Maoist has postponed its Party Congress for one year later because of the lack of time to hold it in this winter. Com. Biplab, in this issue, says, “We postponed the party congress because the
situation of the country is more critical and serious than the party. Therefore, we have given priority to draft a new constitution on time instead
of holding party congress.”

UCPN-Maoist is making its effort to define the United Front in a broader sense. According to Biplab, the ‘front will carry out the programmes of struggle in its practical level because they are already conceptualized in policy making level.’ He further says that the people have given UCPN-Maoist the responsibility to lead the nation, the government and the people as well. The present puppet government has no moral base that is very weak and the present political problem is out of its capacity. Therefore, Biplab says that UCPN-Maoist should give the people not a general constitution but the People’s Constitution.

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