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Maoists Call Bandh After Police Attack Landless Dalits

Posted by Ka Frank on December 6, 2009

Landless squatter protest

Times of India, December 5, 2009

Maoists call Nepal bandh tomorrow after clashes leave 6 dead

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Maoist leadership has announced a Nepal bandh Sunday after clashes between security forces and homeless Dalits in the far west killed at least six, including a woman and a policeman.

“Our party has always mooted land reforms to enable the landless possess land,” said Maoist lawmaker Netra Bikram Chand Biplab, announcing the general strike in Kathmandu at an impromptu press conference at the party headquarters after an eviction drive by security forces in remote Kailali district Friday resulted in violence, arson and death.

“We condemn the barbaric attack on the unarmed and homeless and demand action against the Home Minister (Bhim Rawal) and guilty policemen,” Biplab said.

Police said they had been ordered to remove a squatters’ colony from Dudhejhari forest in Baliya village in Kailali after nearly 15,000 Dalits encroached on the forest and began cutting down trees. They also said that the eviction had been approved by all major parties, including the Maoists. The demolition was fiercely opposed by the settlers who fought back with bricks, bamboo poles and even knives and axes. While police constable Padam Er was killed on the spot, three more policemen were injured seriously after being hit with axes.The Maoists, whose Dalit organisations had called an anti-government protest on Friday nationwide with a chakka jam, jumped on the Kailali bandwagon, expressing solidarity with the settlers. They called a bandh Saturday in Kailali and its neighbouring districts as well as an indefinite general strike in the affected district.

The state rushed additional police and armed police personnel to the area as protesters began to set fire to cars and blocked part of the East-West highway that connects Nepal with India and is the main route for the supply of essential goods, including fuel. Police said protesters have taken two security personnel under their control: a sub-inspector of the Armed Police Force Dipendra Pandey and a constable Ram Bahadur Roka.

The Maoists have called four more strikes this month. On Wednesday, their trade union has called a trade and transport strike while the parent party has declared a three-day general strike from Dec 20.


6 Responses to “Maoists Call Bandh After Police Attack Landless Dalits”

  1. Ka Frank said

    Today’s news from Kailali from Nepal News:

    Kailali reels under bandh for 3rd day

    Normal life in Kailali district has been thrown out of gear for the third consecutive day on Monday due to bandh (shutdown strike) called by Unified CPN (Maoist)’s sister organisations in protest against the police action while removing the landless squatters from the Dudejhadi jungle on Friday.

    The bandh has brought the transportation services to a complete halt while marketplaces, schools and industries across the district remain closed.

    The Maoists had announced an indefinite bandh in the district soon after the police action against the squatters in which five persons were killed and dozens others injured. The Maoist party had enforced a nationwide general strike on Sunday protesting the incident.

    The Maoist-affiliated Landless Squatters Association (Revolutionary) has said the squatters would not leave the jungle area and that it would launch a resettlement drive very soon.

  2. Ka Frank said

    According to this report from Red Star, there is evidence that elements of the Nepalese Army were involved in the killings of Dalit squatters in Kailali.

    NA involves in massacre?

    The people and the journalists along with human rights
    activists have claimed that soldiers of Nepal Army were deployed in the
    massacre of the Dundejhari massacre of Kailali district on 4th
    December, 2009. The proof found on the spot show that the bullets of SLR are found
    there. SLR bullets are used where the fire was opened and killed more than a
    half dozen land-less people in their huts. The dozens of other innocent
    land-less people have been wounded due to the bullet of SLR.

    This is the secret mobilization of Nepal Army by the puppet
    government though the Ministers have repeatedly publicized their expression to
    mobilize military. If the train of the puppet government is to repress the
    people by pushing them into conflict, there will remain no option than to
    initiate counter offence against the puppet government.

  3. Ka Frank said

    Note that this report is based solely on allegations by reactionary authorities.

    Maoist combatants leave camp, vandalize vehicles (My Republica)

    DHANGADHI, Dec 8: Combatants from the Maoist army´s 7th division at Sahajpur in Kailali district vandalized vehicles and looted Rs 200,000 early Monday , alleged the chief district administration.

    The commander of the 7th division, Jiwan refuted the allegation, challenging the district administration to prove the charge. “I would instantly know if any combatant leaves any of the four barracks,” he said. “If their involvement in the said incident is proved, I would taken action within an hour.”

    Kailiali CDO, Hari Krishna Poudel, said the Maoist combatants left their Sahajpur camp around 1 a.m. and stopped nine vehicles, vandalized those and looted the money on the Bhimdutta road between Dadeldhura and Attariya. Five buses, two trucks and two jeeps have been damaged, Poudel said further.

    According to the CDP, the drivers of the vehicles have lodged a complaint with the district administration. They have said the combatants numbered around 25. The vandalization continued for around 30 minutes, Poudel said, referring to the drivers´ accounts.

    The Maoist´s main cantonments and their satellite camps are under the supervision of the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). The combatants have to inform the UN mission before leaving their camps. However, the combatants have been found to be leaving their camps without informing UNMIN many times in the past.

    A Home Ministry official has termed the Maoist combatants´ alleged action as a breach of peace agreements and condemnable.

    “Maoist army combatants cannot come out of the camps in the manner they did,´” said the ministry spoeksperson Jaya Mukunda Khanal.

  4. Ka Frank said

    Bhattarai’s comments:

    War is being thrust upon us, Bhattarai says

    Nepal News, 08 December 2009 07:32

    UCPN (Maoist) vice-chairman Dr .Baburam Bhattarai has accused the government of seeking to compel the Maoists to return to war by opening fire at unarmed landless squatters in Kailali district on Saturday, killing four.

    Speaking at a program in the capital Monday, he also accused the parliamentary parties of engaging in efforts to aggravate the situation and turn the country into conflict zone.

    “National and international powers are conspiring to turn Nepal into another Afghanistan,” Dr Bhattarai said, adding that the Maoists are committed to the ongoing peace process and won’t let country turn into a battle ground.

  5. Ka Frank said

    Maoists withdraw all strikes for Wednesday; postpone strike in Kailali till Dec 18

    Nepal News, December 8, 2009

    The Unified CPN (Maoist) affiliated trade union has withdrawn all programmes of bandh it had called for Wednesday.

    Earlier, this afternoon, the Maoists had said they had called off only the transportation strike and retaining the strike in other sectors including industries, market and educational institutions.
    Maoist trade union chief Salikram Jammar Kattel issued a press statement announcing the withdrawal of the strikes hours after Maoist vice chairman Babu Ram Bhattarai urged them to withdraw the transportation strike keeping in view many wedding programmes scheduled for tomorrow and the national human rights magna meet.

    The Maoists have also postponed the strike in Kailali till December 18 keeping in view the Far Western Fair. Akhanda Gyawali, in charge of the Maoists’ Tharuwan Rajya Samiti, informed journalists through a press meet the strike since past four days had been withdrawn from today and would resume after December 18, if their demands were not met.

    Tharuwan Rajya Samiti is demanding those killed in the Kailali incident be declared martyrs, their family be provided with compensation and suitable arrangement for the domicile of landless squatters, among other things.

  6. Ka Frank said

    Life getting hard in Kailali as Maoist bandh enters day four

    Nepal News, December 8

    The indefinite bandh called by the UCPN (Maoist) party in Kailali following the deaths of five landless squatters in a clash with the police in a forest area of Dudejhari of the district continued on Tuesday.

    Normal life in the district has been badly affected due to the bandh, with local markets, offices and educational institutions largely closed for fears of violence and transportations disrupted due to tyre burning and road blocks created by Maoist activists protesting the incident. Hundreds of passengers heading to far-western hilly districts from Attariya of Kaiali has also been stranded due to the bandh.

    Reports said the effects of Maoist shutdown strike in Kailali is also starting to show in neighboring districts where markets and transportations were disrupted.

    The Maoists had announced the indefinite Kailali bandh on Sunday demanding that innocent landless squatters killed in police firing in Dudejhari should be declared martyrs, their family compensated including treatment for those injured in the incident and arrangements for permanent residence for all the landless squatters. They have also demanded action against the police personnel who had opened fired on the agitating landless squatters.

    Reports coming in say that that the situation in Dudejhari has become more tense after the Armed Police Force (APF) set up a temporary camp at Dudejhari forest area. Earlier on Sunday UCPN-Maoist had called a Nepal bandh to protest the government highhandedness in the incident.

    Meanwhile, the all-party meet organized to find a solution to the difficult situation in Kailali has ended inconclusively on Tuesday morning. Hari Gyawali, the Kailali in-charge of Maoist party, said that the meeting ended without reaching any decision after the Chief District Office refused to take part in the meeting saying that political parties are not keen to come to an understanding to find a solution to the problem in Kailali.

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