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Nepal: Interview with PLA Division Commander Jeevan

Posted by Ka Frank on December 7, 2009

Posted on WPRM Britain, December 1, 2009

Interview with PLA Division Commander, Comrade Jeevan

In late August 2009, activists from WPRM (Britain) and WPRM (Ireland) visited the main cantonment holding the 7th division of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The cantonment is in Kailali district in the far south-west of Nepal, in one of the most oppressively hot districts of the Terai. Although here the land is mostly flat, the cantonment occupies an area formerly used by the PLA for military operations, on the slopes of the southern-most range of mountains, covered in thick jungle, and overlooking the plains as far as the border with India.

We aimed to look at various crucial questions involving the PLA, in particular the danger of losing links with the masses, the issue of army integration, the role it can play in the future New Democratic Revolution, and how the revolutionary army can ensure its continual revolutionisation even during the construction of socialism, without turning into its opposite, a reactionary army, as happened in the USSR and China. Below is the transcript of an interview with the acting commander, Comrade Jeevan.

WPRM: It’s a great pleasure to have the chance to talk with you. Can you please introduce yourself?

Comrade Jeevan: My name is Jeevan and I am from a remote district of Nepal, Kalikot. I have been involved in the revolution since 2053, using the Nepali calendar [*1996]. I have been involved since I was 16 years old and now I am just continuing my job. I am acting division commander of the 7th division of the PLA.

WPRM: How and why did you join the PLA and can you describe to us your conception of the People’s War (PW)?

Comrade Jeevan: For thirteen years I have been part of this organisation which aims to build New Democratic Revolution, oppose feudalism and imperialism in our country and eradicate all social dogmas in our society. To live real life, humans need a life of freedom and according to our ideology we strive for this. When we first waged struggle we saw how the reality of society is different from this, not in the favour of the people. Although it looked as though there was just one monarchy, there were actually many small parts of the monarchy, and we arrived here by defeating them. All the feudal forces exploited the people, the proletarian class, especially in the remote village areas. All of these feudal forces were supported by the central feudal power: the monarchy. Read the rest of this entry »

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PLGA Celebrates Foundation Day with 50 Villages in Lalgarh

Posted by Ka Frank on December 7, 2009

Mass meeting in Lalgarh

Economic Times, December 7, 2009

Kishenji attends public meet

KOLKATA: After a gap of a month, fugitive Maoist leader Kishenji attended an open gathering in Jangalmahal on December 2 to observe the foundation day of the Peoples Liberation Group Army (PLGA).

Another Maoist activist, Rakesh, leader of the West Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa border regional committee also attended the function along with the commander-in-chief of Jangalmahal, Bikash. The gathering was held amid tight security provided by PLGA activists who had surrounded the area with sophisticated arms and weapons to prevent the joint forces from attempting to foil the function and arrest top Maoist leaders like Kishenji.

Kishenji had left Lalgarh and Jangalmahal after the Maoist activists killed four jawans of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) at Gidhni bazar area in West Midnapore district on November 8. It is, however, not clear whether Kishenji is staying at Jangalmahal or left the place after attending the function there on December 2.

The function was attended by the inhabitants at least 50 villages in the region. The function begun with the hoisting of red flags and singing of international songs. Two minutes silence was also observed in memory of those Maoist leaders and activists who were killed in police encounters.

In a statement issued recently, Kishenji had alleged that the joint force was preventing the poor villagers from collecting rice from the paddy fields. “Joint force jawans are torturing the poor villagers and are not allowed them to harvest rice. We had urged the government to stop operation against us for at least 15 days to enable tribal farmers to harvest rice. We also promised not to attack the joint force jawans during the 15 days if the government agreed to accept our proposal. But the government refused to do so and we are now determined to protect the poor farmers from the tortures and attacks on them by the joint forces,” Kishenji claimed.

He also said that “PLGA soldiers will now protect the farmers in every field of Lalgarh and Jangalmahal. Our soldiers with their arms and ammunition, will be on the paddy fields to protect the poor tribals from being attacked by the joint forces.” “This we will do because the government has refused to accept our proposal and lift their operation against us.”

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How the Maoist-led Squatters Defended Their Land

Posted by Ka Frank on December 7, 2009

My Republica, December 5, 2009

Maoists could have averted squatter clash

DUDEJHARI BAN, Kailali: The tragedy in Kailali on Friday could have been avoided had the Maoists played a sensible role as it was the Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Squatters´ Association (ANSA) which led the illegal encroachment of Dudejhari forest since November 25.

ANSA had erected six entrances to the encroached forest area. Banners placed at the entrances read ´No entry without permission´. Initially, the encroachers were scattered far apart in the forest. ANSA later set up six areas on the basis of the election constituencies the squatters hailed from, to effectively manage their growing numbers. Local ANSA activists say central Maoist leaders had assured them of full support in the encroachment. “You live there. We are here at the center to fight for your cause,” an ANSA activist quoted a central-level Maoist leader as telling them Thursday.

It was reported by media that the squatters were preparing to retaliate in case the local administration tried to evict them.

“The number of people who have come to settle here has already reached 22,829. More are expected to come,” a Maoist cadre said a few days ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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