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India to Resume Military Aid, Strengthen Intelligence Sharing with Nepalese Army

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

My Republica, December 7, 2009

India to resume military aid to Nepal

KATHMANDU — India has agreed to resume non-lethal military aid to Nepal. The aid was in the pipeline before India imposed an embargo in February 2005 following the seizure of power by the then King Gyanendra, local media reported on Monday. “The date of the resumption of non-lethal military assistance is yet to be worked out,” a highly placed source told

The agreement was reached during the meeting of the Nepal-India Consultative Group on Security Issues. The meeting concluded on Sunday. Nepali Defense Minister Bidya Bhandari, during her official visit to India in August, asked India to resume the stalled assistance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maoists Boycott Elections in Jharkhand

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

Locked poll booths in Jharkhand

Below are two news reports on the Maoist led boycott of the elections in Jharkhand set for December 8.

Telegraph India, December 3, 2009

Jharkhand: Guided by guerrillas, into the Naxalite heartland

Giridih: We were being watched.

As soon as our bike turned off the main Giridih-Dumri road towards the villages off the beaten track where polling was in progress yesterday, we were stopped by a group of three young men. They had been following our progress for some time — since the time we stopped for tea and snacks.

“Aap log andar jana chahte hai (you want to go into the interiors)?” one of them asked. He seemed to know the answer. Just as he seemed to know who we were. “We know you, so don’t worry. You can go in but remember to stick to pucca roads. Never move on dirt tracks,” he added.

Some more advice followed. “At any cost return before 2pm. While moving, keep looking on either side. You will see everything you want to see.” Soon they got on to their bike and asked us to follow. After half a kilometre, the man who had spoken earlier turned towards us again. “From here you have to go alone, the police camp is ahead,” he said.They left us then. Later, we learnt that our guide was none other than the right hand man of the Maoist sub-zonal commander of Uttarakhand area, Ranvir alias Nago Da. All three men had been armed. We moved ahead and soon saw a police camp, just like our Naxalite guide had said we would.

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Kiran: Reject Unequal Treaties with India

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

Telegraph Nepal, December 6, 2009

Nepal Maoists’ leader explodes at India, propose SA Alliance to fight Indian Hegemony

The anger in the Maoists’ camp of Nepal towards India becomes quite evident from the remark made by one of the high ranking leaders of the ex-rebel party.

Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran, the Maoists’ Party vice chairman, spitting venom against India not only claimed that the South Asian Countries have been the victim of India’s expansionist policies but he also felt the need of the local Nationalists and the countries in the South Asian neighborhood in forming an alliance to fight against the continued Indian hegemony.

The program entitled “Foreign Interference and Nationalism” was organized by the Maoists’ Party offshoot Young Communist League (YCL), Saturday December 5, 2009 wherein Mr. Pokharel made those remarks which time permitting annoy India to the hilt.

Mr. Pokharel also opined that if need arises Nepal should ready itself to fight for restoring the State of Nepal prior to the signing of the unequal 1816 treaty of Sugauli-the Greater Nepal.

“There will be no Nepal if we fail to raise Nationalist feeling among ourselves”, said Kiran adding that, “Our Nepal will be Sikkimized sooner than later.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippines: NPA Shuts Down Logging Operation, Seizes Arms

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

Commercial logging in Mindanao

Ang Bayan, November 21, 2009

Victorious NPA Offensive:  Raid on SUDECOR

New People’s Army Front 30 seized 13 automatic rifles consisting of two M14s, five Garands and six carbines on November 11 in a raid on the office of the Surigao Development Corporation (SUDECOR) in Barangay Pakwan, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur. The guerrillas conducted the disarming operation without firing a single shot.

After disarming the Special Civilian Armed Auxiliary (SCAA) and SUDECOR guards, the Red fighters confiscated seven chainsaws from the company. The people’s guerrillas also destroyed four bulldozers, two log yarders, a timber jack, a crane, two dumptrucks and a welding machine.

The objective of this punitive action was to put a stop to SUDECOR’s logging operations, said Ka Maria Malaya, National Democratic Front-Northeastern Mindanao Region (NDF-NEMR) spokesperson. She added that it was about time they ended the company’s plunder and relentless destruction of the environment and people’s livelihood.

The company uses bulldozer dragging, a method where bulldozers drag felled logs and destroy small trees in their path. The method likewise erodes the soil and contributes to the siltation of rivers. SUDECOR has thus been responsible for the rapid destruction of the environment and has been depriving the national minorities and settlers of their livelihood, said the NDF-NEMR spokesperson.

That same day, combined forces of the 58th IB Philippine Army, 1405th PNP Provincial Mobile Group (PMG) and SCAA attempted to defend the company and were ambushed. This resulted in the death of nine 58th IB elements, a policeman and two SCAA elements after they were hit by command-detonated explosives (CDX) along Kilometer 10 of the same town. Twelve other soldiers were wounded.

SUDECOR is owned by the big comprador bourgeois Puyat family. It has wrought havoc for more than four decades in Surigao’s forested areas. As a result, Surigao now has only 3,000 hectares of virgin forests, down from the previous 69,000 hectares.

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Indian State Wants to Destroy the Maoist Development Model

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

Indigenous irrigation system in India

This article was published on Forumpunjab on December 5, 2009. It has also been posted here on SARev in French.

What the State Wants to Destroy is the Alternate Development Model

An Appeal to Thinkers, Intellectuals, Artists and Writers

by Satnam and Buta Singh

The Indian state has amassed troops in central India on an unprecedented scale, to swoop down on the people. It is the latest of the wars launched by the Indian State against the people living in this country. The government says that it has to move against these areas as Maoists hold sway over it and it is not under the control of central or state authority.

In fact the natives of these jungles have been living there for thousands of years and have protected these forests as they ensure life to them and is their only source of livelihood for survival. These tribals are the most poor and wretched in our land. Popularly called adivasis, they are the oldest inhabitants of our country, still living in an ancient age. For thousands of years they have lived an archaic life.

In all these years, no one has been able to subjugate them. The British Empire tried to do this in 1910 but their marauding armies were repulsed and forced to beat a retreat. The resistance of the tribal people against the British forces was led by the great warrior Gundadhur. This is popularly known as the Bhoomkal Baghawat. Earlier, they had fought the British under the leadership of Birsa Munda in the famous Munda Rebellion in the nineteenth century.

Since then, no regime has dared to attack and attempt to subjugate them, whether they were the British or the post-British rulers sitting at Delhi. They have remained a free people all along, with their own culture, customs and a unique way of life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buried Evidence: Report on Indian Army Crimes in Kashmir

Posted by Ka Frank on December 8, 2009

Indian Army in action in Kashmir

BURIED EVIDENCE: Unknown, Unmarked, and Mass Graves in Indian-administered Kashmir

International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir (IPTK) announces the release of its report at a press conference on Wednesday, December 02, 2009, in Srinagar, Kashmir.

BURIED EVIDENCE documents 2,700 unknown, unmarked, and mass graves, containing 2,943+ bodies, across 55 villages in Bandipora, Baramulla, and Kupwara districts of Kashmir, based on applied research conducted between November 2006-November 2009.

The graveyards investigated by IPTK entomb bodies of those murdered in encounter and fake encounter killings between 1990-2009. These graves include bodies of extrajudicial, summary, and arbitrary executions, as well as massacres committed by the Indian military and paramilitary forces. Of these graves, 2,373 (87.9 percent) were unnamed. Of these graves, 154 contained two bodies each and 23 contained more than two cadavers. Within these 23 graves, the number of bodies ranged from 3 to 17.

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