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Nepali Congress Planning to Arm Youth Wing against Maoists

Posted by Ka Frank on December 10, 2009

A prime target of the Nepali Congress--the Maoist YCL

Himalayan Times,  December 8, 2009

NC planning to arm youth: Khadka

CHANDRANIGHAPUR: Former home minister and Nepali Congress leader Khum Bahadur Khadka said that his party was planning to form a youth wing armed with weapons to curb the anarchic activities of the UCPN-Maoist. Speaking at a mass meet organised by Jana Jyoti Multiple Campus in Chandranighapur, Rautahat Khadka said, “With increased incidents of the Maoists’ highhandedness in the country, our party felt the necessity for an armed youth wing.”

Khadka alleged that the Maoists were trying to seize the state power through violence and extortions. “The Maoists are trying to impose totalitarianism in the country,” said Khadka. He said that his party cadres were time and again attacked by the Maoists and he urged the latter to refrain from such illegal acts.

Referring to the contribution of NC president Girija Prasad Koirala in signing the 12-point agreement Khadka claimed “The Maoists have progressed to the present stage, thanks to the NC.” He urged all the democratic forces to abide by the 12-point agreement for the betterment of the country and its people. He slammed Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum chairman Upendra Yadav calling him an irresponsible person. “Yadav did not play any significant role for the Madhes people when he was in the government. But once he was out of the government he has been advocating the rights of the Madhesi people.”

He accused the Maoists of fabricating the Singapore dialogue and made it clear that the duo—Koirala and Maoist supremo Prachanda, agreed to form a high-level political mechanism and not topple the present government. “The present government has the full support of the NC”, Khadka added.


3 Responses to “Nepali Congress Planning to Arm Youth Wing against Maoists”

  1. CPSA said

    Just what you’d expect from the Congress. They’re no better than their Indian sister party, in some ways worse.

  2. The YCL was refounded in 2006 by battle hardened PLA fighters. It’s far and away the biggest youth wing in the country, and will go straight through anything the NC sets up like a hot knife through butter.

  3. Yer Al, but the NC and the UMLs goon squads (UMLś is called youth force) is all about individual acts of violence, where as the YCL is about the mass organisation of youth in a strong, political and well organised youth organisation. They have very different aims. YCL is all about security, community self governing, mass organisation ect. The Congressis and the UML just bring in thugs.

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