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Maoist Party in Bangladesh Reorganizes

Posted by Ka Frank on December 13, 2009

Posted on Maoist Revolution, December 10, 2009

Editorial of the international journal Anubad Sahityo Potro, issue no. 10 of the Maoist Unity Group (MUG) of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal (PBSP)/Bangladesh. December 2009

Posting this information does not imply any endorsement or evaluation of this group or its actions.

The 10th issue of the Anubad Sahitya Potro is the last issue of the journal. We have published such unpublished documents through this journal that are principally important to give theoretical assistance to the reconstruction of our domestic communist movement.
Then starts our new departure. We have been able to initiate a line struggle in this country.

Our party is the main Maoist party of this country. The other party CPEB [Communist party of East Bengal (ML)] despite claiming themselves as Maoist have almost been collapsed because of the process of their practice of Guevarist trend since long. Chairman Siraj Sikder established proletarian Maoist party, the PBSP. He made socio economic analysis of the society of East Bengal, broke the chain of the old and new revisionism by carrying a hard ideological struggle against those, initiated people’s war, for the first time in East Bengal established armed force led by the class proletariat and established Base Area twice: once in Payarabagan in 71 and then in Chittagong Hill tract during 72-75. [This area is located in southeast Bangladesh near Burma.] Read the rest of this entry »

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UCPN (Maoist) on the Kailali Massacre

Posted by Ka Frank on December 13, 2009

Posted on Maoist Revolution

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) International Department, December 5, 2009

Krishna Bahadur Mahara

The Puppet Government Turns Fascist

On Friday, December 4, 2009 (Mansir 19, 2066) at the direct command of Home Minister Bhim Rawal, the brutal police force has fired indiscriminately at the crowd of 20 thousand innocent people in Baliya VDC of Kailali district, and wounded hundreds. The available reports inform that four people have been already killed, and hundreds of helpless people are wounded. Rejected by the people, anti-nationalist and anti-people puppet government of Nepal has shown the nature of the facist regime in the 21st century.

The government has also brought out false statements regarding the firing. As per the available information so far, the Armed Police Force (APF) and Civil Police from Banke, Bardiya and Kanchanpur districts were assembled to the Baliya VDC of Kailali, district and in the afternoon, they surrounded the flood-affected, landless and ‘Kamaiyas’ settled there.

The police burnt their settlements, charged batons, fired innumerable teargas cells and started misbehaving the women and children. Seeing such behaviour of the police; people numbering as nearly as 20 thousand assembled to protest the inhuman police barbarism. At this very moment, without any warning or blank fire, the police fired at the crowd indiscriminately. Read the rest of this entry »

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