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UCPN (Maoist) on the Kailali Massacre

Posted by Ka Frank on December 13, 2009

Posted on Maoist Revolution

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) International Department, December 5, 2009

Krishna Bahadur Mahara

The Puppet Government Turns Fascist

On Friday, December 4, 2009 (Mansir 19, 2066) at the direct command of Home Minister Bhim Rawal, the brutal police force has fired indiscriminately at the crowd of 20 thousand innocent people in Baliya VDC of Kailali district, and wounded hundreds. The available reports inform that four people have been already killed, and hundreds of helpless people are wounded. Rejected by the people, anti-nationalist and anti-people puppet government of Nepal has shown the nature of the facist regime in the 21st century.

The government has also brought out false statements regarding the firing. As per the available information so far, the Armed Police Force (APF) and Civil Police from Banke, Bardiya and Kanchanpur districts were assembled to the Baliya VDC of Kailali, district and in the afternoon, they surrounded the flood-affected, landless and ‘Kamaiyas’ settled there.

The police burnt their settlements, charged batons, fired innumerable teargas cells and started misbehaving the women and children. Seeing such behaviour of the police; people numbering as nearly as 20 thousand assembled to protest the inhuman police barbarism. At this very moment, without any warning or blank fire, the police fired at the crowd indiscriminately.

So far, those who have been identified as killed are: Ruplal Dagora Tharu, Narendra B.K., Sanjaya Dhakal and Lalche B.K. Similarly, from the barbaric behaviour and beating of the police a pergnant woman, Brinda B.K. has been seriously injured. The oppressed people have reported that the facists have also burnt some children alive. The corpses of the deceased are lying on the streets and many of the corpses have been made dissapear by the police, say the oppressed people.

The UCPNM considers that the Dudejhari massacre has reminded the Barbaric Panchhayati nightmare in Jugedi, Jutpani and in many other places during that time Nepal. It is because the killer government also carried out the ‘search and oppress’ action also at the mid-night against the berieved people on the same tragic day, and it has been continued until today.

Hundreds of People are wounded during the barbaric and inhuman police oppression, firing and buring of the settlements. The list of the seriously injured people avialable so far, are: Niraml Dhamala, Min Bahadur Thapa,

Gopal B.K., Mani Ram, Krishna Bahadur Thapa, Shanta Bahadur Khatri, Uttam Malla, Tapendra Gahatraj, Nisha Bhandari, Khadka Bahadur Mahara, Ganga Ram Pariyar, Ruksa Nepali, Bala Bahadur Jaishi, Amar Adhikari, Tek Bahadur Bhat, Netra Prasad Bista, Kali Prasad Sanjyal, Laxmi Ranabhat, Jhadap Singh B.K., Karan Singh B.K., Gopal Thapa, Gopal Saud, Amar Bam, Ashok Bhandari and more.

The government version that the firing had been exchanged also from the side of the landless people is totally false, imaginary and motivated by ill intention. The Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) strongly condemns the version of the facist government.

At a time when the UCPNM in the name of the United National People’s Movement is engaged in preparing the Third phase of the movement with the demands that the President’s unconstitutional move be declared null and void, civil supremacy be established and people’s demands regarding their day to day life be met. The government action shows that they are preparing for the President’s Rule. This cannot be regarded simply a concidence.

Therefore, the UCPNM regards that this is the direct breach of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). We regard that this is show of the conspiracy to dissolve the Constituent Assembly (CA) and disturb the whole peace process together with the making of the inclussive Federal Constitution of the people. This has compelled us to ponder, whether this is the rehearsal to impose the President’s Rule and push the country to militarism guided by facism? Is this not the indication to extend the life-span of the unpopular fascist government by suppressing the movement of the people? Isn’t this the plot to eliminate the nationalist revolutionaries devoted to the cause of scientific change in this country? The Kailali massacre has given birth to many questions and doubts in this regard.

Against the move of the facist regime, the *People’s Movement* has called fo *”Tharuwan Banda” on 20 Mansir ( 5 December 2009) and “Nepal Banda” on 21 Mansir 066 (6 December 2009). The UCPNM has also called upon all concerned to shut government offices, industrial sectors, transportation units, educational institutions and the others to go against the fascist actions of the puppet government.

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