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L’État indien Veut Détruire le Modèle de Développement Maoïste

Posted by Mike E on December 17, 2009

The following is a French translation of parts of the article “Indian State Wants to Destroy the Maoist Development Model” which appeared on this site recently. It was translated by Futur Rouge.

Un appel aux penseurs, intellectuels, artistes et écrivains

par Satnam et Buta Singh, Forum Pendjab, 5 Décembre 2009

L’État indien a amassé des troupes dans le centre de l’Inde sur une échelle sans précédent, pour qu’elles s’abattent sur le peuple. Elle est la dernière des guerres lancées par l’État indien contre le peuple dans ce pays. Le gouvernement dit qu’il doit agir contre ces zones, parce que les maoïstes y ont une grande influence et qu’elles ne sont pas sous le contrôle de l’autorité centrale ou de l’Etat. . . .

L’attaque en cours sur les pauvres en Inde centrale n’est rien d’autre qu’une version améliorée et plus meurtrière de la violence d’Etat même qui n’a pas cessé depuis 1947. Elle est destiné à briser le dos de la lutte du peuple là-bas, la lutte des plus pauvres parmi les pauvres, des paysans tribaux et des travailleurs qui travaillent dans les mines. Elle est destiné à dire aux autres partout dans le pays, de ne pas défendre leurs droits, de ne pas s’opposer à la politique de l’Etat si elles vont à l’encontre des bien qu’elle va contre les intérêts du peuple et du pays.

Le centre de la résistance est encerclée non seulement pour le briser, mais aussi de détruire les choses nouvelles que les gens ont créé au cours de leurs luttes et pour lesquelles ils ont travaillé dur pour les construire. Le gouvernement a commencé une campagne de diffamation contre ceux qui refusent de bouger, qui refusent de courber l’échine et qui refusent encore d’être induit en erreur par les promesses vides sans fin du développement et du progrès. Ils savent que cette évolution n’est pas pour eux. Parce qu’un gouvernement qui a renoncé à l’idéal d’un Etat providence ne peut s’engager véritablement sur une chose qu’il a abandonné à la demande du capital impérialiste, de la Banque mondiale et de l’OMC.

Les comités de développement du peuple dans Dandakaranya

Le peuple objet d’attaques a construit son propre gouvernement local, le Jantana Sarkar, à divers niveaux, prenant son avenir en main, pour un véritable rendez-vous avec le destin. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maharastra: Maoist Dalams Prepare for Government Offensive

Posted by Ka Frank on December 17, 2009

Gahchiroli is in eastern Maharastra, near the border with Maoist strongholds in Chhattisgarh

Times of India, December 15, 2009

Naxals prepare to strike back with area dalams

NAGPUR: After lying low for some time in the state, Naxals have upped their ante even as the Maharastra government has turned its attention belatedly on this Maoist-affected and backward district of Gadchiroli. They seem all set to launch an offensive.

The Naxals are concentrating at the grassroots level as well as strengthening their military wing for giving an added edge to their already potent striking powers. TOI has learnt through reliable sources that at least ten area dalams have been formed by the Naxals in Gadchiroli itself. This is to ensure that their mass base remains strong in the face of incisive onslaughts by the security forces.

The area dalams have received training in deep forest camps with the active support of the villagers on the either side of the Maharashtra-Chhatisgarh border. Uncorroborated sources claimed that district cops, which were being informed about the ongoing camps, opted not to react to the input for reasons TOI could not confirm.

Apart from the other routine work of recruitment and intelligence gathering, these area dalam members have been specially trained in planting explosives and triggering blasts. A recent blast at Chichoda near Fulbodi Gatta village, in Dhanora tehsil of Gadchiroli district that left three cops injured was the successful outcome of the experiment. The patrolling police party was also fired at but there was no casualty.

Sources also claimed that Naxals, who have already proved better tacticians than the cops, have planned to counter the newly-designed counter offensive against them by turning the district into a virtual minefield rather than trying to clash with the 18 central paramilitary forces with their extra firepowers. Read the rest of this entry »

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India to Supply 50 Tanks to Nepalese Army, Train More Officers

Posted by Ka Frank on December 17, 2009

Soviet-era T-72 tank

My Republica, December 15, 2009

India likely to supply 50 phased out tanks to Nepal

KATHMANDU: India, which has decided to resume military aid to Nepal, is likely to supply 50 phased-out tanks at discounted rates. India’s The Telegraph newspaper reported the deal, quoting an unnamed senior Defense Ministry official in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The report said Nepal has specifically asked whether it can acquire 50 tanks from the Indian Army at discounted rates. These are Ajeya T-72 tanks that are being replaced with the Bhishma T-90 in the armored regiments.

Besides the tanks, officer cadets from Nepal will get more seats in the Indian Military Academy and the recruitment of Nepalese Gorkhas in the Indian Army would be increased. The decisions followed talks, Nepal’s visiting army chief, General Chhatraman Singh Gurung, held with Indian security officials in the Indian capital. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepalese Police Evict 200 Landless Peasants

Posted by Ka Frank on December 17, 2009

My Republica, December 16, 2009

Police evict land-grabbers in Nawalparasi

CHITWAN: The police on Wednesday afternoon evicted Maoist supporters from the land owned by late congress leader Surya Bhakta Adhikari in Gaindakot of Nawalparasi. A group of 200 “landless people” led by Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Squatters´ Association and All Nepal Peasants Association had captured 72 ropanis of land registered in the name of Adhikari on Tuesday.

A team led by DSP Umesh Mainali from Area Police Office Kawasoti evicted the people, who had already begun to erect huts there. They had initially refused to leave as the police team reached the site early in the morning. At about 2 pm, the police notified the land-grabbers to evacuate the place or face the consequences. When they refused to leave the place and started shouting anti-government slogans, the police had to fire tear-gas shells and charge batons to force them out.

The Maoist supporters staged a chakkajam [traffic blockage]  along the East-West Highway after being evicted by the police. They also vandalized a jeep belonging to Surkhet-Jumla Road Project. Meanwhile, they also tried to damage a motorcycle belonging to journalist Praveen Dutta. Joint in-charge of UCPN (Maoist) Nawalparasi Drona Babu Siwakoti said the “landless people” would be resettled in the same place soon. He claimed that late Adhikari, who was also a parliamentarian from Nepali Congress, had illegally registered a public land in his name.

However, his son Madan Bhakta denied the allegation and said the land was returned to them by the government 12 years ago after 36 years of confiscation by the then Panchayat regime.

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