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Ceylon Maoists on the Upcoming Election in Sri Lanka

Posted by Ka Frank on December 18, 2009

President Rajapakse (above) and General Fonseka (below), butchers of the Tamil people

Transcurrents, December 2009

Mahinda, Sarath and their monstrous crimes against people and humanity

News Up-Date by the Election Campaign Committee (ECC) of the Common Left Candidate- Com. Dr. Vickremabahu

On behalf of the Propaganda Committee of the ECC,, Com. Surendra, Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)

Dear Comrades, Friends, Colleagues,

This up-coming presidential election would be comical, if not for the fact that it is deceptively diabolical. The contention between incumbent president Mahinda Rajapakse and retired General Sarath Fonseka and the arguments being drawn up by both sides are simply degenerate.

They expose the depths to which this neo-colonial political order has been despoiled and degraded. We reject both these candidates, since they represent two sides of the same coin- or as Comrade Vickremabahu, the common candidate of the independent progressive, democratic, revolutionary alliance has aptly said, they represent two heads of a viper, both with deadly fangs.

This election is a deadly trap to sacrifice the oppressed masses, including the Sinhala-Buddhists and all other exploited and oppressed classes, nationalities and ethnic-religious communities, at the alter of Global Imperialist Capital. Most of all, it is a diabolical trap to deceive and ensnare the oppressed Tamil nation.

General Fonseka

In this historical context, we are pleased to announce that the Election Campaign Committee (ECC) has decided to publish a regular news up-date in order to keep you apprised of topical events and to provide analysis of developments. Since this is a game of the most diabolical deception, we need to expose the real politics behind the statements and pained acrobatic gyrations of these candidates, so we may choose and charter our own independent path to liberation.

War Crimes:

Both sides are accusing each other of war crimes. Among other war crimes, it has been accused that the armed forces decimated the leadership of the LTTE even as they surrendered, including Velupillai Pirapaharn and his family. Whoever is directly responsible for such heinous crimes, above all, it is the State and the Mahinda Chintanaya Regime, and President Mahinda Rajapakse as Commnader-in-Chief himself and his Defense Secretary and brother Gotabhaya Rajapakse who are collectively accountable for leading the war.

It was this regime that drove the war in such a pitiless, merciless manner, until the Tamil national struggle and its leadership, as it existed, was decimated. It was the office of the Secretary of Defense that designed and coordinated the grand strategy. It was the President himself who directed the war politically, and even when their masters of the ‘international community’ appealed for a negotiated settlement in the face of the colossal suffering of civilians and gross violations of human rights, pressed for an unconditional military solution.

This does not belie the fact that the good General waged war with pure, undiluted, blood-thirsty racist gusto, or is absolved of responsibility. He is just as much a militarist-chauvinist war-monger as the regime he served. All these honored representatives of this defunct and corrupt neo-colonial Capitalist state shall be held accountable to the people for the monstrous crimes against the people and all humanity! Hon. Mano Ganeshan, with all due respect, how can we forgive and forget, lest we sell our soul!

Tool of Imperialism:

The claim that retired General Sarath Fonseka is a tool of US-Western Imperialism is correct. But what about incumbent president Mahinda Rajapakse? It was his ‘patriotic’ government that entered into the “ Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement” with the United States, which is a military agreement that allows the US free access to all military facilities –land, sea and air- in the island, to the number 01.terrorist-imperialist state in the world.

Remember that this agreement was first being about to be signed by that stale UNF, led by good old Yankee-dickey, the then Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, when the Left progressive, patriotic forces, spearheaded by the Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist) and the Left Front, agitated and succeeded in tearing up the agreement.

Human Rights, Corruption and Abuse of Power:

Now, the bankrupt ideological agents of the reactionary chauvinist Mahinda camp brings up a claim of corruption by the good retired General Sarath Fonseka. After all, the whole of this parasitic Comprador ruling class has shared in the spoils of imperialist profit and plunder. By this accusation, they appeal to us to forget and forgive the unprecedented corruption and abuse under this Mahinda Chinthanaya regime. Who is responsible for the Mig 27 deal, Lanka Logistics, Mihin Air, Maga Naguma? At no time did reeking corruption reach such pitiful heights.

Then again, who is responsible for the criminal incarceration of some 300,000 internally displaced Tamil persons in concentration camps in the North, including elderly, children, wounded, sick and pregnant women, under pitiful sub-human conditions? Who is to be held accountable for the horrible massacre of seventeen humanitarian aid workers, the murder of five Tamil students, the assassination of Hon. Joseph Pararajasingham, Hon Raviraj, Mr. Lasantha Wickrematunga and others?

Along with these abominable crimes, is the crime of keeping some 12,000 political prisoners in various detention camps and prisons, against whom no legal charges have been filed. Releasing Tissainayagam or addressing the issue of some 12, 000 political prisoners NOW will not serve to bite the bullet. These are just sick manipulations for election gain. However, we have, and will continue to agitate for these demands.

The Mahinda-Douglas Deal:

It has been reported that President Mahinda Rajapakse has agreed to the ten demands presented by Hon. Douglas Devananda as a set of conditions to support the former in the presidential election. Now, good old Duggie gave spirited support to the war to eliminate the Tamil National Liberation Movement and the LTTE He is equally responsible for the genocidal military campaign that has decimated this struggle and its leadership, as it existed. He is equally responsible for the colossal humanitarian crisis and human suffering of the Tamil people.

Now, this honored minister of the chauvinist-militarist Mahinda Chinthanaya regime has come forward in defense of Tamil rights, including the right of self-determination. They who attend the funeral rights of the Tamil nation and share in the blood-feast, now call for the corpse to rise in their name. At least we should have the decency to honor the dead! Of course, the dead and the living shall rise with renewed blood to claim their right to the earth, against the blood-sucking vultures and vampires who have devoured them with such pitiless hatred and revenge.

The deal has exposed both to some real contradictions. Evidently Mahinda has agreed to the concept of Tamil homelands and the right of national self-determination. But, how can he possibly engage in such gymnastic acrobatics? In his inaugural Presidential address, he stated that he rejects the concept of a Tamil nation, including the concept of historical homelands and the right of self-determination. This is enshrined in his Chinthanaya.

He then led a war to liquidate this concept of Tamil nationhood and statehood. This opportunistic compromise with Douglas is bound to raise some insuperable contradictions within his own camp. The JVP has pounced on this agreement. And, so will the JHU, MEP and the other chauvinist forces, unless, of course, typically, they shall sell their souls for political gain. The armed forces will be in a real quandary. Here, we have shed our blood for the defense of the ‘Motherland’ and the unitary state. Now our blood and sacrifice is to be bargained for the survival of this pathetically opportunistic politician. Poor Mahinda, he will sell his soul for his political survival since defeat would surely mean his ignominious and fatal end, and that of his family dynasty.

Ok! So you wish to recognize the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. We salute you Sir! We have stood for this fundamental democratic right at the cost of our lives. For upholding this right, we were branded as traitors and hounded, and so many of us assaulted, intimidated and killed Comrade Bahu was even shot by the JVP for this courageous stand.

So Sir, if you are serious and honest about recognizing the concept of a traditional Tamil homeland and its right of national self-determination, then dismantle the military bases, the high security zones, withdraw the armed forces, replace your policy of appointing your military commanders as governors, re-merge the North-East, and present a political solution that recognizes the right of self-determination of the Tamil nation. And, do so, before the end of this election campaign. Hey, Dougie and Mahinda, you can only fool some of the people for some time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. A lesson from history.

Hon. Sivajilinguam has come forward as an independent candidate. At least, he has the conscience to realize the truth of all that has been said in this News Letter We congratulate him for his independence. He has agreed to campaign together with us. He will participate in our meeting on 17 Briton hotel, Armour street.

That’s it for now. Please send in your valued comments, criticisms and articles. Engage with us. WE are your common candidate for freedom and democracy. We are ready to listen and learn. We are there to carry forward our shared revolutionary-democratic aspirations. We have- and we shall- pay the supreme price for our principles and convictions. We shall stand by our word, at whatever cost. This is only the beginning of a long journey and struggle for freedom and democracy.

2 Responses to “Ceylon Maoists on the Upcoming Election in Sri Lanka”

  1. jeevindran said

    how to contact ceylon communist party maoist?

    socialist party of malaysia

  2. Shiva said

    You need not try.
    That party disintegrated three or four years ago. There is just one person who uses that name for dubious purposes.
    Now he has fallen out with VB Karunaratne, whom he backed at te presidential poll.
    If you want to know if there is a Marxist Leninist party. There is one: the New Democratic Party.

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