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Biplab on UCPN(M) Central Committee Meeting: People’s Republic is a Necessity

Posted by Ka Frank on December 19, 2009

The Red Star, December 5, 2009

Central Committee Decisions with its Special Importance–Netrabikram Chanda, Com. Biplab

Biplab is a member of the Secretariat of the UCPN (Maoist) Central Commitee

Our party central committee meeting concluded after 25 days. The meetng has taken very important decisions and conclusions on the following subjects related to the political movement of Nepal and to the party organization itself. The importance of these decisions is as follows:

1. The conclusions and the decisions related to the political movement

We took a long and serious debate on the solution of extraordinary political situation on the revolution and the counter-revolution, ideology of proletariat, and the
bourgeoisie, national independence and foreign intervention. Through
the long debate, we came to the conclusion that the correct solution of the
existing political crisis of the nation can be found only after building a new
concept of republic, constitution, united front, federalism, a national united
government, and the mass-struggle, and we have taken some of the new decisions
on them also. We are assured that the recently taken decisions will give
solution to the existing problems.

1.a. People’s Federal Republic

Our party has reached the conclusion that a new concept about the republic is necessary. According to it, the party has taken
a decision to use People’s Republic in place of Democratic Republic. This, in
reality, is the only decision that will be able to take the political crisis
to a solution. The problems and the crisis that are increasing in the
country day by day are mainly the outcome of the present state power, state
machinery of the  bourgeois republic, though there are other secondary reasons. The expectation of the people for
emancipation is not possible until and unless a drastic change in the state
system is brought.

It is a true reality that the establishment of the republic is an important historical phenomenon.  However, it was compulsory
that the establishment of republic had to arouse some important queries
and they have. Especially after the establishment of the republic, the primary
questions were who would be the owner of the republic, whom the republic should
serve and what will be the characteristics of republic, that are obvious.

Our party has considered the democratic republic as a transitional republic (neither the bourgeoisie’s nor the people’s). It meant that the emphasis
would be given to transfer the transitional republic into People’s Republic and
establish the people as the owner of the republic. Our party made efforts with
its hard work from the declaration of the republic to the constitutional action
taken over the then Army-Chief Rukmangad Katawal by the elected government.
Many struggles were held. However, the effort became fruitful due to the
Imperialist, Expansionist and their lackeys.

Rather, the declared republic has lost its transitional character and has adopted bourgeois character after the
interference of the step of the President, building of a puppet government and
the foreign intervention. Bourgeois class has been the owner of this republic.
The republic, instead of being the republic of the people (mainly the peasants
and the workers), has been changed into the republic of handful comprador
capitalist and the feudal lords. There will be no security of the rights of the
people, rather there will be repression over the rights of the people. By
viewing this, the conclusion of the political programme taken by our party
about the bourgeois republic and the given slogan to establish People’s Republic instead of it is crystal clear
and correct.

1. b. Constitution of the People’s Federal Republic

The issue of drafting a new constitution has been the central essence of the current political debate. In the context of the ongoing debate, our party has taken a decision
to draft the constitution of the People’s Federal Republic (People’s Republic) and put it forward in the
Constituent Assembly. Due to being the representative of the vanguard of the
proletarian class and the leadership of the working people, the proposal has
its historical importance from the responsibility to propose the best proposal
for the protection of the rights of the People’s Constitution as the basic law of the nation. This makes laws on the form of the state, system of leadership, fundamental rights of the people, sovereignty of the nation etc.

The processes of the basic law and the other laws and the acts are being
changed according to the condition of the state and the situation of the
political struggle run there. This process is also going to be repeated many
times. However, our constitution and laws are never written is favour of people
and the nation. Rather, the constitution and the laws were, made as the means
to fulfil the interest traditional powers and the contemporary state in the
meantime, our attention has been paid towards the condition from where the
turning will be either in favour of people or in favour of the status-quo

We are conscious that the would-be constitution should not be as the
means to serve bourgeoisie and status-quo. For that, we should propose People’s Constitution
when it is tabulated. A debate should be in the Constituent Assembly (CA)
meeting to pass the people’s constitution and, more over, progressive and anti-bourgeois
along with the forces of people’s federal republic should advance together for
writing people’s constitution.

The other alternative is that the Maoist party
and the pro-republican forces with the masses of the people should launch the
struggle through street and CA to write people’s constitution. In this way, the
expected people’s constitution can be written through CA. Otherwise, the
suitability of the CA to build constitution will be concluded here at the

1. c. The privilege of autonomous states and its declaration

Our party has a crystal clear concept that the form of the state should be federalism. It is the democratic right of the
federal states. The would-be constitution should guarantee the right of
privilege. In the process of concretizing this issue, the party has taken extra
more decision about it. According to the decision, the autonomous states would get
their rights over the natural resources of their own states. Along with it, in
the political sector, the decision has been taken for privilege for a certain
period and on the basis of priority, thereafter, like that the party has taken a decision
to carry the country into a federal structure before writing constitution. If
it is impossible due to the bourgeois parties UML and NC, the declaration of
the federal states will be held all over the country. This decision has a historic

1. d. United Front of patriotic and leftist forces

Different types of united fronts are being made and dissolved according to the situation of political contradiction and
political movement. Indeed, the united front is decided to be formed on the
base of contradiction in between state power and the people. In the past, it
was necessary to make united front in between the people and the anti-monarchy
forces. However, that type of contradiction has taken place. Thus, the present
contradiction is between the comprador capitalist and feudalists protected
by the foreign powers and the Nepalese people. In other sense, the contradiction
is in between Bourgeois Republic and the People’s Republic.
This type of new contradiction has created a situation to make new type of
united front and our party has taken a solid decision on it. We have called
this type of united front the united front of the patriotic, republican and
leftist forces.

1. e. United National Government

Our party has passed the proposal of dissolution of the puppet government and the formation of united national
government. It is known to all that the government under the leadership of
Madhav Nepal is illegal-offspring of foreign boss and the puppets of the nation. It has no
political, moral or constitutional right. The formation of this type of government
is the burden over the Nepalese people and, simultaneously, a shame for Nepalese
people before the international community. This government has weak ground,
less quality and incapability. It is running through remote-control. The power
centres which are directing the government are in the preparation of war and
oppression over Nepalese people.

Therefore, to prolong the duration of the puppet
government is to create a favourable environment to impose fascism. On the
other hand, the decision and the mandate of the people is that UCPN Maoist
should lead the state power and draft a new constitution. Only by implementing
this mandate, is it possible to keep peace. Therefore, the puppet government
should be dissolved soon and a new united national government should be formed
under the leadership of UCPN Maoist or the appropriate representative.

2. Decisions about party organization

It was necessary for us to response or give new conclusion about the inner party struggle. We had to respond the criticisms by the fraternal parties and the
people and respond to the concerned actors worrying about the evils in our
party. We ought to have centralized our attention to build proletariat party
and we might have conducted a debate on it.  We actually did at last, and we
reached to the height to form multi-post system that is the formation of
standing committee, building of 15-point code of conduct and a high level
commission to transform and unite the party into a new height.

2. a. Multi-post Leadership System

We have deeply realized the necessity of a new organizational leadership system for our party according to the size,
responsibility and the aim. We have thousands of whole-timer party members.
Millions are working in the field in the mass organisations. Voters are more
than 4 million. Million of well-wishers and supporters are even in the migrant
lands and every corner of the world from India, Middle-East, Europe and most of the area
countries. There are dozens of fraternal parties in the word.

Likewise, people have given UCPN-Maoist the responsibility to lead state power and to draft a new constitution. They have
given us the responsibility of restructuring the entire state power and to protect
the nationality and guarantee the right of nationality, women, workers, peasants
and intellectuals. This means the responsibility to change the bourgeois republic into People’s Republic.

We have to reach our ultimate goal of communism by transforming the nation in to workers and
laborious people’s nation, people’s rule from bourgeois rule, independent
country from dependent and free from intervention of the foreign powers, and
reach to the final goal through new People’s Democracy and socialism. All these
tasks are not possible through the old structure of the state power. The
leadership of the party organization should be according to the political
objective and the political plan. For this, we should make and erect the
organization and leadership system. We did do it .we made the departments with
their full rights. We made Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and Secretary.

2. b. New United Front

We have decided to make a new United Front in the context of the changed situation. We have brought a clear concept about
it to build united front of patriots, republicans, leftist and progressive
forces under the leadership of UCPN- Maoist. For the recent purpose, we have
thought to work under the banner of United National People’s Movement to take
initiative for building comprehensive front. The movement will help the Nepalese
people to be united and advance against foreign interference, encroachment of
interim constitution and the conspiracy hatched by the counter revolutionaries.

2. c. A 15-point Code of Conduct and High Level Commission

Central Committee has built a 15-point code of conduct and a high level commission to make transparent the living style of
the party leaders and eliminate the suspicion and anxiety aroused among the
cadres and the people due to the utilization of sources, means and facilities where there is party access. This code of conduct will be able to
give a revolutionary foundation to the people by making clear vision about
private property, financial activities, utilization of source and means, family
and political ethics.

Conclusion: In brief, Nepal is now in the bend of transformation into People’ s Republic from Bourgeois Republic. A conscious shake-up is
necessary to transform it. People’s insurrection is necessary to alter
bourgeois dictatorship because qualitative development is not possible without
break-through. It is possible in Nepal. For that, UCPN-Maoist and
united people front should play a strong and historic role. The leaders,
cadres, patriots, republicans and leftist forces should be united to complete
this golden potentiality.


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