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Gajurel: Maoists May Revive Parallel Governments

Posted by Ka Frank on December 22, 2009

Telegraph Nepal, December 21, 2009

Parallel Govt in Nepal, Constitution from Streets Soon: Gajurel

C.P. Gajurel, Unified Maoists’ Party Secretary revealed that his party was mulling over to revive parallel governments in the country to which the former rebel party practiced during the decade long bloody revolt. “We have experience of running parallel government in the country”, said a beaming Gajurel talking to media on Sunday December 20, 2009.

Mr. Gajurel who is also considered as a hardliner in the Maoists’ camp further threatened that if ruling coalition continued to ignore the Maoists’ demands, the party could even go to the extent of declaring New Constitution and a Parallel Government right from the streets. Such a government, he said, would be led by the Maoists Party which has majority over the rest of the so-called parliamentary parties in Constituent Assembly.

In the meantime, reports coming from Western Tarai districts of the country have it that the Maoists’ Party has begun forming parallel governments in the districts and villages. Reports claim that after declaring Autonomous State of Tharuwan, December 12, 2009, the former rebel party in the 7 Municipalities and 177 VDCs of the districts of Dang, Banke, Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur has unilaterally declared Local Governments.

“The local Maoists’ government during third round of protest will manage the party cadres, which will later be converted into the full fledged parallel government”, add reports.

On Sunday the Maoists Party organized a program to declare the Ghorahi City Government in the district of Dang. The party has appointed 29 members in the City Council chaired by Parsuram Shrestha.

2 Responses to “Gajurel: Maoists May Revive Parallel Governments”

  1. Leon said

    If this is indeed a means of pushing the level of reaction from state forces, I’m wondering how the party intends to defend their liberated areas? What’s the status of the PLA that was put under UN custody?

  2. Arthur said

    It is not aimed at “pushing the level of reaction from state forces” or “forcing the army to show its hand” (they are revolutionaries, not provocateurs). Both PLA and Nepal Army are complying with ceasefire monitored by UN. Neither is “in custody”. Government is continuing to refuse to implement peace agreement that requires democratization of Nepal Army, including integration of PLA. Revolutionaries are continuing to create dual power throughout Nepal and preparing for either bigger victory in next election or insurrection if Government abandons peace agreement. Government is increasingly isolated and losing control. Lots of threats from Government but little sign of actual capacity to launch another civil war.

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