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Maoists Declare Tamsaling Federal Autonomous State

Posted by n3wday on December 30, 2009

Red Star, December 17, 2009.

Tamsaling Autonomous Federal State Declared

In course of declaring the autonomous federal states, UCPN-Maoist has declared its Tamsaling Autonomous Federal State on the 16th December 2009 at Ranipauwa of Kakani Village Development Committee (VDC) in Nuwakot district.

The Chief Guest and the Vice-President of UCPN-Maoist Dr. Baburam Bhattarai formally and authentically declared the Tamang Autonomous Federal State and said that the act of the proclamation is a historic one. The declaration of the federal states has been a reality in the context of Nepal and nobody willingly can deny or reject it.

He said that the declaration is constitutional and legal. The interim constitution clearly reads that the republic of Nepal will be federal. Therefore, the declaration helps rather than to create obstacle as the puppet government is claming. Clearing the concept of the Tamsaling Autonomous State, Dr. Bhattarai said, the territory of the declared federal state is not only of the Tamang people but of all the people of different castes who are living there.

He further said that the people should be very aware to protect the declared states from the conspiracies of the reactionaries and the foreign powers. He said that UCPN-Maoist is committed to carry campaigns of struggle against reactionary activities and their campaigns of suppression, brutal killings and the setting-fire over the poor, land-less and the workers in the inhabitant areas of the declared.

UCPN-Maoist standing committee member and the party secretary post Bahadur Bogati- com. Diwakar- said that the mandate and the aspiration of the people is to declare and consolidate the federal states in the country through the sovereign Constituent Assembly. However, the status quo and the regressive forces under the directive of their foreign masters are trying to abort the on going process and progress.

Therefore, we have declared federal states from street to accelerate the on going peace process further ahead. He pointed out that the struggle in between the regressive- the status quo- and the progressive forces still exist, which is clearly seen inside and the outside of the CA. The declaration of the federal states in the form of struggle has got its victory over the conspiracies that is being hatched.

UCPN-Maoist PBM and the Incharge of the Tamsaling party state committee Agni Sapkota- com. Kanchan- said that the declaration of the federal state is the consolidation of the internal nationality and national unity. Therefore, the declaration makes the country more unified and stronger. The figures in the puppet government are only jokers and the real ones are the foreigners, we are fighting against them.

Chairman of the declaration ceremony, Kamansingh Lama said that Tamang, the indigenous people, has been inhabited there since 3000 years ago. Therefore, according to him, the real master or the owner of the land is Tamang nationality.

In the declaration session, the secretary of the United National People’s Movement Coordination Committee, Tamsaling, Dinesh Sharma has said that the declaration of the Tamsaling Autonomous Federal State is the main consequences of the peoples struggle since a long time and specially a decade long Peoples War and the 19-day People’s Movement.

Warmly welcoming to the gathering, the other speaker Kumar Yonjan Tamang said that the declaration has been possible only on the strong foundation of the unprecedented devotion, sacrifice and the dedication of the immortal martyrs during the period of struggle. The reality is that the struggles have up-rooted the deep roots of feudalism from every corner of the country.

The president of Tamang National Liberation Front, Nepal Suryaman Dong Tamang, said that the declared Tamsaling Federal State is not only the land of Tamang people but also the land of the different castes and the people who are dwelling in the same land. Therefore, it is the land and autonomous state of those different people who live in the territory of the Tamsaling territory.

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