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Philippines: CPP Exposes Claims of NPA Mass Surrenders

Posted by Ka Frank on January 5, 2010

This statement appeared on Philippine Revolution on January 2, 2010

CPP dismisses AFP claims of NPA surrenders

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today dismissed claims of Arroyo government officials that at least 2,500 New People’s Army (NPA) members surrendered to the government last year. According to the CPP, these claims of NPA surrenders are “just recycled psywar spins of the fascist officials of the US-Arroyo regime in an effort to downplay the strength of the revolutionary movement.”

“The fact is, military and security officials of the Arroyo government have nothing to show to support its claim that it has succeeded in reducing the strength of the revolutionary armed movement,” said the CPP. “Arroyo’s military and security officials have resorted to making false claims to make up for their failure to achieve their declared target of defeating or reducing the NPA to inconsequentiality as early as last year.”

“Through the past years, military officials have routinely organized assemblies showing off supposed surrenderees who are invariably local residents forced to pose for the AFP’s publicity stunts,” added the CPP. “We anticipate the AFP to continue with more of these gimmicks as the Oplan Bantay Laya ends as Arroyo’s term officially ends this year.”

“These publicity gimmicks also aim to justify the release of funds for supposed rebel-returnee livelihood programs which are actually pocketed by top defense, armed forces and security officials.” According to Malacanang, as much as P65.62 million was released last year for the government’s Social Integration Program (SIP).


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