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Punjab Forum Opposes Operation Green Hunt

Posted by Ka Frank on January 7, 2010

This article was posted on Indian Vanguard on January 4, 2010.

Punjab: Convention against war on people

Patiala: Forum Against War, Punjab on Sunday organised a convention here to oppose Union Government’s move to launch military offensive against Maoists in various parts of the country.

Terming union government’s military offensive as a great sellout of country’s natural resources to multi nationals, Gautam Navlakha, Consulting Editor with Economic and Political Weekly, said, “The central India, which is going to be the battlefield of Green Hunt is the richest region in terms of natural resources. Mines of these areas has already been sold out to multi nationals at throwaway prices. At the same time these are the areas which noticed the biggest resistance from people to protect their land”.

“Now state not only wants to break that resistance but also want to grab that richest resources which people have refuse to surrender. If the government only wants to wipe out the Maoists then why they are not making all the MoUs signed for these areas in public domain?” he asked.

He also said that the “Home Minister P Chidambram has made it clear that in this war either you are with us or with them (the Maoists). Of course in war imposed on masses, which is going to affect from 10 to 15 crore people, the masses will stand by the mass resistance instead of any corrupt political establishment”.

Sharing his experiences from his travels inside the Maoist guerilla zones, Satnam, a political activist and writer, said that whatever state calls them, nobody can turn away from the truth that Maoists have given an alternative model of development which has helped in advancement of the tribals.  “The government wants to destroy this very people centric model of development,” he said.

Nisha Biswas, a political activist from Kolkata, discussed the situation in Lalgarh that how CPI (M) is committing atrocities on people of Lalgarh and people’s resistance in the area. “Common people and mass leaders are being arrested and harassed on the name of Maoists,” she said.  Prof Jagmohan Singh, President AFDR, Punjab said that this war is going to lead the country towards an irreversible damage. The convention was attended by peasants, students and university teachers in large number.

Forum Against War, Punjab is a platform made by various prominent Punjabi writers, artists, scholars and university teachers to oppose Operation Green Hunt.


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