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UCPN (Maoist) Announces New Tactical Line

Posted by n3wday on January 10, 2010

This article was published in the Politics section of the Red Star on January 6, 2010.

UCPN-Maoist develops a new Tactical-Line

UCPN-Maoist has just declared its 4th phase struggle on Tuesday though it had already announced the out-line of the struggle when the party was concluding its 3rd phase struggle in Baneshwar, Kathmandu on 19 December. The party has developed its tactics according to the created new political situation. Party has seriously taken decisions  as  according to the  latest analysis of the developed  political situation.

According to the party CC decision, the contradiction has been changed. The question of nationality has been in the centre and the main contradiction is decided to be in between the interference of Imperialism (specially the Indian expansionism) through the puppets and the remnants of feudalism, and the Nepalese people. This has caused to develop the tactical line of the UCPN-Maoist.

According to the change in the contradiction, the issue of the national independency has been the principal agenda in the further struggle. People’s Federal Republic has been a tactical goal.

The programmes declared for the further struggles are as follows:

Wall-painting, pumphleting, postering and leaflet distribution will be from December 25 to January 9 (already announced). Broader interaction programme will be held from January 5 to January 10. The following senior-most leaders will attain the interaction programmes holding in the following cities. According to it, Com. Prachanda will attain in Kathmandu on January 7, Com. Dev Gurung in Pokhara on January 8, Com. Baburam Bhattarai in Biratnagar on January 9, Com. Lilamani Pokharel in Dhangarhi on January 9, CP Gajural in Janakpur on 9, Narayan Kaji Shreshtha in Nepalgunj on January 10 and Ram Bahadur Thapa will attain in Butwal on January 10.

The unequal treaties including 1950 and the other unequal agreements will be burnt down on January 14. Here after, the other programmes are scheduled in the form of a campaign from January 9 -24. The programmes of wall painting, postering, pamphleting, cultural, literary, rally, march past, press-meet, monitoring in the encroached border areas and mass gatherings will be held there.

Likewise, the joint big mass gatherings will be held from January 19-24. In those mass meetings, the gatherings will be addressed by the top most leaders. Narayan  Kaji Shreshtha will address Mithila and Kochila jointly on January 19.

The joint gathering of Limbuwan, Kirant  and Sherpa will be addressed by CP Gajurelon January 20. Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal will address Bhojpura, Narayani and Abadh jointly on January 21. Post Bahadur Bogati will address Tharuwan, Seti-Mahakali, Bheri-Karnali and Bhote-Lama in the same place gathering on January 21.Tamuwan and Magarant will be addressed by Baburam Bhattarai on the same day. And, Chairman Prachanda will address Newa and Tamsaling in one place gathering on January 24.

The leaders of the UCPN-Maoist will monitor the encroached border areas on February 10. For this programme, Com. Prachanda will reach to Mahakali, Com. Kiran to Pashupatinagar, Baburam Bhattarai to Susta, Narayan Kaji Shreshtha to Laxman pur Barrage and Ram Bahadur Thapa will reach in Khurdalotan  Barrage.

The programme of nationwide disclosure to the traitors, puppets, criminals and the corrupted elements will be from January 5-24. Simultaneously, there will be a mass protest infront of the Indian Embassy and Singh Durbar.

The series of the tactical line will be National Independency, Civilian Supremacy, Peace,  New Constitution  and United National Government. For the struggle ahead, UCPN-Maoist has made the following slogans:

  • All the Patriotic and Republican Forces Unite!
  • Let’s Protect the National Independence!

Other slogans:

  • Cancel the Unconstitutional Step of the President!
  • Maintain Civil Supremacy!
  • Stop the Counter-Revolutionary Conspiracy!
  • Ensure Peace and New Constitution!
  • Let’s Unite All the Leftist, Patriotic and Republican Forces!
  • Let’s Make Failure the Counter-Revolutionary plot!
  • Let’s Build a United Front of All the Leftist, Patriotic and Republican Forces!
  • Protect the National  Independence!
  • Maintain the Civil Supremacy!
  • Ensure the Peace and Forward-going New Constitution!
  • People’s Federal Republic- Long live!
  • Cancel all the Unequal Treaties and Agreements!
  • Indian Army- Evacuate the Nepalese Land!

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