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Maoist Land Seizures Continue in Nepal

Posted by Ka Frank on January 22, 2010

These articles appeared in Nepal News on January 21, 2010.

Maoists capture more land

Unified CPN (Maoist) cadres have captured more land in Kavre and Kapilvastu, Wednesday. They hoisted their flags in 269 Ropanis [70 hectares/155 acres] of land at the banks of Indrawati river, in Kavre. Maoist cadres led by Mahadevsthan village committee secretary Shambhu Phuyal had gone with a bull-dozer in the land to hoist the flag.

The land belongs to Amritnath Ghalachhe, Pashupatinath Ghalachhe, Daya Laxmi Kharel, Man Thapa, Rajendra Khatri, Laxman Prasad Lamsal, Dharma Lal Shrestha, Anil Dhungel. Gokul Prasad Sapkota, Ram Krishna Shrestha, Purushottam Shrestha and Surya Lal Manandhar.

Likewise, there are reports the UCPN (Maoist) cadres captured about 33 Bigahas [22 hectares/ 48 acres] of private land in Kapilvastu, too. All Nepal Peasants Association (Revolutionary), Kapilvastu has said, the land is captured forever and will be distributed to landless squatters. However, the District Administration Office, Kapilvastu said, it will recover the land and hand them over to the rightful owners if it receives any complaints.

Matrika Yadav’s CPN (Maoist) capture land in Terai

Cadres of the CPN (Maoist) reconstituted by Matrika Yadav have started capturing land in various places of Dhanusha and Mahottari, Nagarik daily reported. They have captured about 2000 Bigahas [1330 hectares /2935 acres] of private land belonging to various persons including former minister Hem Bahadur Malla and Durga Bir Shrestha.

The party’s Dhanusha district in charge Dinesh Yadav claimed the land was already captured during the conflict. Apart from 13 Bigahas of land in Belakuti and 52 Bigahas of land in Shivpur belonging to the Janaki temple, all other land was captured during the conflict. We captured the land belonging to the Janaki temple to protect it from encroachment and illegal sale, he added.


This article was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list.

BANEPA, Jan 20th 2010: Maoists have seized 580 ropanis of private land in Kavre district.

Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Peasants´ Union hoisted the party flag there on Wednesday after seizing the land. The land is registered in the name of 12 locals.

Amrit Nath, one of the land owners, said they bought the land some 26 years ago and have been producing crops. “The land would be flooded by Indrawati river during rainy season, but we produced crops in the winter,” Amrit Nath said.

Just a few weeks back, Maoists had seized 402 ropanis of land in Kavre.


3 Responses to “Maoist Land Seizures Continue in Nepal”

  1. CPSA said

    Ok so I have a more fundamental question about old cpnm foundation documents (before they merged w/masal and added the u to their name). Can anyone direct me to a website or readily offline accessible publication in the us where one can find the cpnm’s party program, party constitution and strategy and tactics documents? SATP (the Indian website), and possibly other sites, has these docs posted on their site for the Indian party, but I’ve checked their site, cpnm’s own, bannedthought and a few others w/o success. Any leads are appreciated.

  2. CPSA said

    I should clarify I mean I’ve had no success finding the docs I’m asking about for the CPNM, hence my question.

  3. CPSA said

    NM. I see w/some digging you can basically find these in the worker on the party’s website, at least up till 2000 or so.

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