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Nepal: Major Maoist Analysis of Situation & Tasks Ahead

Posted by n3wday on January 31, 2010

This article was published in the Maoist Information Bulletin on January 28, 2010.

Latest Party Document

People’s Democratic Revolution in Nepal is now passing objectively through a gateway of great victory accompanied by a danger of serious defeat. A sharp and thoroughgoing 2-line struggle on the ideological and political questions and the need to develop through it an acquiescent plan to transform the challenges into opportunity is essentially a way to acquire necessary subjective strength that the objective condition demands. With a deep sense of responsibility, our party’s Central Committee Meeting, which continued for about three months amid intense ideological and political struggle, ultimately reached to a unanimous position on the questions of line. The document adopted in the very CC Meeting has been produced herewith.

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Present Situation and Historical Task of the Proletariat

Dear Comrades,

Today, our great and glorious party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), has arrived at a serious and extraordinary juncture of possibilities and challenges.

The way how people’s revolution, in the external struggle, is advancing amid immense possibility of victory and serious danger of defeat, in the same manner, party’s internal life, as a reflection of the former, also lies in the midst of potentiality of advance and danger of anarchism and chaos as well. The height to which we can create new unity, voluntary discipline, self-confidence and vigour by means of a correct line, strategy, tactic, plan and programme to ensure as far as possible the decisive victory of revolution in this complex crossroads of class struggle, to that level will we be able to make victorious the revolution and party by safeguarding them from the danger of defeat and anarchism. In order to develop that kind of line and plan, we, by abandoning all kinds of subjective prejudices, must be able to have objective estimation of the situation and balance of class force based on the universal theories of MLM. The plan and programme prepared on the basis of objective analysis will enable our party to lead the decisive victory of revolution. Expressing high regard and esteem to the entire known and unknown martyrs of Nepalese people’s revolution including those of ten years of people’s war and admiring the entire disappeared, injured fighters and their family members, this plenum of the central committee will be able to bring about a new dynamism in our party. Read the rest of this entry »

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Woman PLGA Commander: “Our Party Has Benefited from the Salwa Judum”

Posted by Ka Frank on January 31, 2010

Village destroyed by Salwa Judum, precursor to Green Hunt

This article appeared on Tehelka on January 29, 2010.

‘Our Party Has Benefited From the Salwa Judum’

In a meeting with the leader of a 100- member Naxal armed squad, the last thing you expect is to be giggled at.  That is what we were faced with within a minute of meeting Comrade Savitri of the CPI (Maoist). The reason? Comrade Savitri is tickled that because we lost our way in the jungle — the only territory she claims she has ever seen — we were seven hours late for a meeting with her.  In a candid and forthright conversation that lasts over five hours, she discusses her party’s stance in a self-declared Maoist stronghold in Chhattisgarh.  Excerpts:

Is Operation Green Hunt a reality?  On the ground, is there a war or war-like situation in Chhattisgarh?  Home Minister P Chidambaram has consistently said that Operation Green Hunt is a media creation.

Maybe he means that the term ‘Operation Green Hunt’ is a creation of the media because for the last four years, since the Salwa Judum started in Chhattisgarh, there has been an increase in the violence inflicted on the masses. We have not seen a dramatic increase in the number of troops in the last year but the level of violence and the severity of the crimes have risen dramatically. The number of innocent men and women being killed and raped by the Judum has gone up five-fold.

What is your party’s reaction?

In the last two years, in the area under my control, we’ve tried and executed seven people who were either with the police or the Judum. They were stealing from the Adivasis and betraying them to the police. I can sense your next question; we understand that the police and the Judum are also poor Adivasis in many cases. But they choose to betray their own people. Even if you don’t believe in our party’s ideology, you cannot equate revolutionary violence with state violence. Besides, armed squads are not the only way we’re fighting against the Indian State. Read the rest of this entry »

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