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Kiran: India Still Interfering in Nepal

Posted by Ka Frank on February 6, 2010

This appeared on Telegraph India on February 5, 2010.

Expansionist India humiliating Nepal, Land grab continues: Baidya

“Those are the agents of expansionist India”, quickly replied Mohan Baidya Kiran-the senior vice chairman of Unified Maoists’ Party when asked to comment on the widespread allegation that the Maoists’ were looking for support from the former Royalist camp.

AP: What about Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai’s views that there still exist struggle between the adherents of Pushpa Lal (Unity with Democrats) ideology and Rayamaji (pro-monarchy) ideology in your party?

Baidya: I have no idea why he said so. He knows better why he made such comments and I know better for what I am saying now.

AP: But proximity of Maoists’ leaders with the Royalists is wide and very much open?

Baidya: There is the conspiracy to malign us. But equally true is the fact that in politics there are no permanent enemies.

AP: Why the Maoists’ find themselves closer to the Royalists?

Baidya: Tell me when we did that?

AP: Sometime your party leaders are seen requesting India for support to bounce back to power…sneak into the Indian Embassy every now and then mostly when it is dark  and on the other also wage movement for national independence?

Baidya: It is not unusual to meet an Ambassador. We have clearly seen that the Indian rulers and expansionist India have been interfering in Nepal in this or that way. Now the interference is at an all time high. India has already played foul as far as Nepal’s National Independence is concerned. The Indian Army Chief made remarks that could be sumarrily taken as naked interference in Nepal’s exclusive internal affairs.

Similarly, Retired Indian Army man Ashok Mehta also said that “Nepal Army was capable to wipeout the Maoists, if needed India was ready to support”. Instead of lawfully returning out territories back to nepal, the Indian side is continuously grabbing our landmass. They have been illegally constructing Temples, Schools and uprooting the border pillars along the international border. Such a big country India is but still it is not enough for them? Why such a big country is involved in such trifling issues? India must understand that we too have self respect. Our Chairman Prachanda has already said that Nepal’s Royal palace was interfering in Nepali politics in the past and India is doing the same now.

For each and every dignified Nepali citizens such are humiliating issues and pinch the Nepali hearts…whether a county is small or big, the issue of National independence is equally important for all. India is not only a big county in the world there are other even bigger countries. No matter a country big or small, relations are established on the basis of equality.

Courtesy Annapurna Post, February 5, 2010


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