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Report on Organizing against Operation Green Hunt in Tamil Nadu

Posted by Ka Frank on February 8, 2010

This was received from on February 8, 2010.

“Resist the Naxal Witch Hunt! Organise Under the Naxal Leadership to Fight Recolonisation!”

Massive campaign across Tamil Nadu by Revolutionary Organisations!

Carrying forward the slogan, “War Against Naxals: The War Against Adivasis, Fishermen, and Peasants,” PALA and its revolutionary organisations have been intensely involved in the campaign against the state-declared civil war, Operation Green Hunt. Using pamphlets, booklets and posters that expose the ulterior motives of the Indian state behind this blood-thirsty war, comrades have been campaigning across the state in buses, trains, factories, and street corners. These organisations have also been organizing hall meetings, seminars, and cultural programmes as part of their campaign against the Operation Green Hunt. Democratic forces and working classes have been supporting this venture and generously contributing to this effort, understanding the importance of resisting this Naxal witch hunt and the need to take forward the struggle against recolonisation.

These organisations, along with several other democratic forces and organizations, arranged hall meetings in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Salem in the month of January. T. Vellaiyan, president of the Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sanga Peravai (Forum of Tamilnadu Traders’ Union); C. C. Rajagopalan, a senior educationalist; Com. Thirumalairasan, senior advocate; Com. Balan, advocate, Karnataka High Court; and Aranga. Sampath Kumar, advocate, Chennai High Court stressed the need and importance of organising against this blood-thirsty war.

These seminars and hall meetings were attended by several hundreds of people, and comrades, in their campaigns on trains and buses, have taken this issue to several lakhs of people. The campaign to resist the Naxal witch hunt and to fight against recolonisation is being taken forward with great support from the people of Tamil Nadu.

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India: Chidambaram Wants More Troops and Guns

Posted by Ka Frank on February 8, 2010

Singh and Chidambaram

This article appeared in the Pioneeer on February 8, 2010

Consensus on fighting Maoists, but CMs want more forces, arms

The Chief Minister’s meet on internal security on Sunday saw convergence of opinion on tackling the challenges posed by Leftwing extremism, but the States clamored for more resources and firepower and the Centre asked them to take steps to fill up the massive vacancies in the police force.

The deliberation also highlighted the fact the despite the Government thrust on dousing the flames of Red terror, the States were ill-equipped to launch an all out war against the Maoists and much needed to be done to add teeth to various ongoing operations on the ground. While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister P Chidambaram urged the Naxal-affected States to boldly confront the Maoists, Chief Ministers asked more weapons, air power, infrastructure and funding from the Centre. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chhattisgarh: Guns, Gags and Lies

Posted by Ka Frank on February 8, 2010

This two-part series appeared in Express Buzz on February 7-8, 2010

No access to judiciary or media

Operation Green Hunt, launched last November, was supposed to provide security from the Maoists, but security for whom? It is unlikely to be the tribals who live in the jungles of Chhattisgarh. They have suffered the attentions of the authorities for years. Equally, they also have to deal with the Maoists on their ground.

At the same time, there’s no one to listen to them. They don’t have access to the judiciary or the press. If they complain, they risk harassment and torture. If they persist, they might simply disappear. For mainstream India it’s as if they don’t exist. The following stories illustrate their plight.

On March 18, 2008, security forces killed 14 Maoists of a dalam (armed squad) near Dareli, Bijapur district. They claimed no casualties in the alleged shootout while the Maoists said they were poisoned after police came to know of a meeting place. The incident was widely reported, yet what was neither reported nor investigated was the retaliatory killing of at least five villagers deemed ‘informants’ by the Maoists.

Rava Oonga (30), Badse Masa (50), Kovasi Hidme (35), Madkam Durva (70) and Madkam Idma (21) were returning to their villages in Bijapur district from Hyderabad after an election rally for the CPI (ML) New Democracy. They were axed to death in front of other villagers by a mixed squad of sangam and dalam members as suspected informants. One villager was from Pallagudem, two from Jeerlaguda and two from Dareli. Their previous visit to Hyderabad seemed suspicious to the Maoists who organised a Jan Adalat or People’s court to condemn them to death. When their relatives and neighbours were asked about the identities of the assailants and the Maoists who were present during the killing, they replied: “Agar hum aapko bol denge, phir woh log humko bhi marne aajayenge. (If we tell you who killed them, they will come to kill us also.)” Read the rest of this entry »

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