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Bhattarai Calls for Military Training for Millions of Nepalese

Posted by Ka Frank on February 9, 2010

This article appeared on Telegraph Nepal on February 7, 2010

Military training to Nepal Citizens a must: Senior Maoist leader Bhattarai

The Unified Maoists’ Party that has been demanding formation of a new government under itsr own command has threatened that the constitution drafting process will not see timely conclusion unless their demand were met.

The former rebel party has also demanded that at least Millions of Nepalese must be provided with Military training to keep Nepali sovereignty intact.

“The local and foreign reactionaries have wrongly presumed that keeping Unified Maoists’ party having 40 per cent seats in the CA out of government the constitution could still be drafted…they are wrong in their calculations”, said the Unified Maoists’ Party vice chairman Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai while talking to journalists in Nepalgunj of Banke, Saturday February 6, 2010.

He also said that neither will the peace process see the desired conclusion nor the constitution drafting process amicably end by keeping our party out of the government structure.

“Let it be known that there will be no peace by alienating the party that has the largest peoples’ support”, he continued.

“To safeguard our national independence we must provide military training to some crores of Nepali citizens”, opined Bhattarai.’

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