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Manipur United National Liberation Front Calls for Coordinated Struggle

Posted by Ka Frank on February 13, 2010

Manipuri women protest fake encounters

This article appeared in The Sangai Express on February 10, 2010.

UNLF underscores coordinated struggle

Imphal:  The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has underscored the crucial importance of close coordination among insurgent groups of Manipur and waging the liberation movement collectively.

 While greeting the people as well as fraternal armed revolutionary groups of Manipur on the 23rd raising day of the Manipur People’s Army (MPA), the UNLF noted that one major factor for the failure to carry forward the liberation movement to the desired pace has been the inability of revolutionary groups to work together.

A statement issued by Chairman of the UNLF, Military Affairs Committee Sana Yaima conceded that it would be really hard for any single group to bring the liberation movement to a higher plane even if they may be receiving support and assistance from the people and foreign countries.

The prevailing situation is an indicator of this fact.

 What is most crucial in the present situation is close coordination among revolutionary groups and fighting the security forces collectively.

 Even as different revolutionary groups have underscored the importance of effective coordination, very little practical steps have been initiated to chalk out a common plan of fighting against the security forces collectively, Sana Yaima noted.

 Failure to forge ahead with what is demanded would result in revolutionary groups losing their revolutionary characters and ultimately dragging the liberation movement in reverse gear.

Highlighting all these pressing factors, the UNLF MAC put up the proposal to other revolutionary groups anew for collective struggle against the alien rule. 

Joint struggle by revolutionary groups would certainly help them stand in a vantage position, more importantly it would go a long way in winning unflinching faith of the people.

 Once the people’s faith is won, nothing can stand on the way of the revolutionary movement, Sana Yaima exuded.

The UNLF would be making necessary initiatives to understand and rectify collectively lapses and flaws inherent among different revolutionary groups towards realising collective strength, the chairman highlighted.

Commenting on the new face of criminal activities that emerged recently, the UNLF MAC observed that murdering people has become a daily occurrence even though murder was once considered the most brutal and abominable crime in Manipuri society. 

Even as there were cases of rape earlier too, the inhuman practice of murdering women after raping them was started by security forces.

 Whereas the UNLF has punished many rapists in exemplary manner, the Government of India is yet to award any concrete punishment to its security forces found guilty for rape. 

The society witnessed a new aspect of such crimes when a young mother and her teenaged daughter were raped and murdered together in the most heinous manner at Phayeng recently.

 This was closely followed by the rape and murder of another girl.

 These incidents point to the extreme decadence of Manipuri society.


Given this scenario, silence of revolutionary groups who have been promising to bring egalitarian society would only project us as bereft of revolutionary conscience. 

As such, it is the inescapable responsibility of the revolutionary groups to punish those culprits guilty on two counts––rape and murder”, the UNLF MAC asserted.

It is an obvious implication that the State Government and the State forces collaborating with the alien rule are enemies of the liberation movement.

  However, under a specific policy of the UNLF, the outfit do not view all those working under the State Government and the State force as its enemies.

 But some police commandos have been threatening and detaining arbitrarily common people because their sons/daughters and relatives are insurgent cadres.

 More than 400 innocent people were killed last year by police commandos and central security forces either jointly or separately besides maiming many others.

 This killing spree raised the number of widows and fatherless sons but it could not subdue the liberation movement and it would never succeed.

 The commandos should introspect into it, the UNLF MAC exhorted. 

Stating that there are many personnel in the State force who are against killing innocent people as well as the act of killing insurgent cadres in cold blood after pulling them up, the outfit conveyed respect to those security personnel.

Reiterating that intensifying the liberation movement is the only way for survival of the nation, the UNLF/MPA declared that its war against the alien rule will be intensified.

The UNLF MAC concluded its statement by condoling all those revolutionary cadres and the common people killed in the course of the decades’ long liberation movement.

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