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8 Year Old Nepalese Girl Sacrificed to Bring Good Fortune to Business

Posted by Ka Frank on February 16, 2010

This article appeared  in Brunei News on February 11, 2010.

Child sacrificed in Nepal

An eight-year-old girl has been killed in a human sacrifice in Nepal. Police from the district of Rupandehi in the south of Nepal, have described the sacrifice as having been performed by four people who allegedly slit the child’s throat before stabbing her. The four have been arrested.

The police made the arrests after finding the girl’s blood, along with money and sacrificial offerings, alongside a brick kiln alter. Local police officials said two of the arrested people had already confessed to the murder, saying it was intended as an offering to the gods to bring good fortune to business.

Nepal outlawed human sacrifices in the 1700’s but experts say it is still practised by some Hindu communities in poor rural areas, where education is lacking and religion plays a big part in daily ritual.

10 Responses to “8 Year Old Nepalese Girl Sacrificed to Bring Good Fortune to Business”

  1. is the Brunei News a reliable source?

  2. Ka Frank said

    I haven’t taken articles from then before. It is a bit odd that they picked this story up instead of Nepalese sources.

  3. Mike E said

    What do you think we should draw from this report?

  4. the media in Brunei – which is an absolute monarchy with Islam as the established religion – is, as far as I know tightly controlled by the state, so I am a bit suspicious about this article

  5. It was reported in the Nepali media as well, it definitely happened. I’ll hunt down some links when I have the time

  6. cheers!

  7. n3wday said

    Mike asks,

    “What do you think we should draw from this report?”

    I think it sheds light on the actual conditions of Nepal. Personally, I believe stuff like this is useful for folks (like from the U.S.) who don’t know what type of sway conservative religious practices and other traditions have in that country. What type of ideas the Nepalese people are trying to overcome.

  8. land said

    It would be interesting to know more about this. Are these sacrifices common. The article said it is to promote good fortune in business. How to they decide the sacrifice of an eight year old woman is going to bring good fortune to business.
    It would be interesting to have an article on sacrifices. About all the people who get sacrificed = the people who are enlisted to go to Afghanistan, the people in Haiti who cannot get medical care and lose their arms and legs, ,the women who refuse to have arranged marriages or some other superstitution.

    Would be good to know more.

  9. I raised the question because sometimes, these stories (or allegations about infanticide) are made up by the media in western or islamic countries or by missionaries for justifying repression, mission, etc. as recently happened in Uganda or Brazil; the irony is, that in many cases, the perpetrators of real violence are also adherents of “high religions” like in the case of persecution of “witch children” in South-Eastern Nigeria by Pentecostals

  10. HELLNO said

    I am from Nepal. Yes, It happened in Nepal. And this is due to those superstituous who believe that will bring good fortunes in their business. This is in Terai region near to India. And in addition people in India are more superstitious than Nepalease. May be this is the result of their influnce.

    But if you come to Hill, Mountains and Valleys; you wont find these types of things there. And as far as I know this is done in force due to some shit minded people. This very rare case and had happened just once. I mean this slughttering festival(slutter of animals)happened every year and human sacrifice has never been heard before. So, You can believe this as crime. May be those people make advantage of slughterring festival to commit crime which they had already planned.

    Come Kathmandu, Thamel, Pokhara, Nagarkot, Lot more to explore : you will see real Nepal which is similar to Foriegn world. Much more freedom.

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