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Nepal: Maoists Disrupt Hydropower Project

Posted by n3wday on February 20, 2010

This article was published on Telegraph Nepal on February 17, 2010.

Nepal Maoist obstruct Upper Marsyangdi Hydro Power Project

It was the turn of Upper Marsyangdi -II to be obstructed by the Unified Maoists party after Mid-Marsyangdi Power Project, claiming first the project had Indian funding and secondly, the project was not in the benefit of the local population.

The Indian company GMR holds 80 percent stake in the Himtal Hydropower Company that was awarded with the right to prepare DPR (Detailed Project Report) of the Upper Marsyangdi -II one and half years back by the government. The Upper Marsyangdi -II 600 MW Hydro Power Project is located in the district of Lamjung.

A group of Unified Maoist Party cadres led by CA members Amar Tanu and Buddhiram Tamu all of a sudden landed at the project site and declared that the project will be closed beginning Tuesday, say reports. “We have shutdown the project as per the policy adopted by central leadership”, said Amar Tamu. Under one pretext or the other, the Maoists have been threatening to obstruct all Hydro-Power Projects that have the Indian funding.

UPPER KARNALI in Dailekh district going to be constructed by GMR-India, ARUN-III in Sankhuwasabha awarded to Sutlej-India and West Seti to be constructed by CIMEC-Australia, co-owned by one Indian company, have been threatened to close down by the Maoists Party.


One Response to “Nepal: Maoists Disrupt Hydropower Project”

  1. ex-kapd said

    so Indian domination may be bad,but the unspoken and embarrassing subtext here is that Chinese domination is good.
    look at the way back issues of their magazines cover the CCP and Hu Jintao, stinging criticism is certainly not in evidence.
    the “anti-imperialist”, Nepalese “revolution”, is just a side show in the inter imperialist geo-strategic competition in Asia.
    deal with it.
    Just like with Chavez, too many old new leftists in the west are nostalgic for the “good old days” of the national liberation fronts and the GPCR, in the current historical juncture “anti-imperialism”, means taking sides in the struggles between imperialist interest groups.

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